Diapered Luigi at a Party! Let's-a Go!


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Long story short, had a surprise party for my best friend today, and I was responsible for keeping him outta the house so, his Mom and Aunt could set it up, we hit up some shops and hung out at my place. My Dad wasn't home all day so, it was the perfect opportunity to be Diapered all day! My friend knows I'm ABDL and doesn't mind but I still try not to subject him to it best I can. However, when posting on Twitter I tell him not to look at the pictures marked "sensitive", but he does anyway. 🙄 So, the most I did was wear this Elsa pull-up under my clothes, very discreet. When it came time to take him to his Aunt's house for the party I didn't bother taking the pull-up off and just got dressed. It was a Mario themed party and we wore our Mario and Luigi hats we bought for the movie to the party. I also wore a green shirt. At one point I was in the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and I just couldn't pull my pants up and leave the bathroom without taking a picture first, because I looked awesome! So, just thought I'd share it with you guys! Without trying I did some unintentional Diapered Cosplay! Enjoy and as always...stay Diapered!🧷:)
-ABDElsa ❄️🍼