Diapered for Mom's Convenience


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I really wonder if this old memory is a key factor in me becoming
a DL?

I had just finished eating lunch and my mommy lifted me down out of my high chair.
I announced "I'm ready to go sit on my potty chair". I was about 3 1/2 and in the middle
of the toilet training process. I could hold my pee, unfasten my pants and make it to my
potty chair pretty much all the time without an accident. Pooping was another matter all
together; that was on autopilot. I could tell when a poop was on its way, but I had no control.
I had to make it to the potty chair in time or else there would be an uncontrollable load in my pants.
I was all set to go do my poop on the potty chair when mommy said:
"We're not going to do that today. I don't have time. I'm going to diaper you and you can go right to your afternoon nap."
She let me by my hand to my room and instructed me to take off my pants. A few seconds later
they dropped to the floor. I could see her laying out a gauze cloth diaper on the chest that doubled
as a changing table. She hoisted me up and plopped me down on the diaper. Before I knew it, pins
secured it around my bottom. She added some pajamas and lifted me into my crib. I don't remember
if I had on plastic pants as well. She said "Have a good nap.", shut off the light and closed the door.
By this time my intestines were letting me know what was about to happen. I remember thinking
that all of this was not necessary as I could have done my business in the potty. So I decided not
to waste the learning experience and I grabbed the crib rails and crouched down to a sitting
position - just like if I had been on the potty. A few moments later my diaper was fully loaded,
first with poop, then with pee. The pee ran down my legs. The mess didn't bother me. I just
curled up and wen to sleep. After I woke up, mommy fetched me out of the crib and asked me
if I had gone in my diaper. I thought that was a crazy thing to ask. This is my earliest memory of being diapered.


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Not quite the same but I wet the bed until I was about 13 or 14 had to wear nappies to bed every night. Most mornings I would wake up and it would be soaked but as I gradually got more and more dry nights I'd wake up desperate for the toilet but would instead go in my nappy. This probably caused my parents to have to buy me drynites for at least a year longer but eventually I could stand the torment that I used to get from my siblings who had of course always been dry and I wanted to go on sleepovers with friends and stuff that previously I'd been unable to do.