diapered at metal concert


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so as I said before wearing diapers to a concert is great. For me it’s putting them to the ultimate test because I am mostly blind and so I don’t really do a lot of dancing or head banging or whatever you wanna call it when people go wild and crazy at a concert. It’s just safer for me to just sit there and listen to the music and try to see what’s going on on the stage if possible. Because I will most likely be in the same diaper for six or seven hours over the course of this entire adventure, it means I kind of overdo it on wearing a really thick diaper like one of the mega diapers from Rearz or InControl, and I usually add a booster to it, with plastic pants over that, and a onesie over that. Since I’m in a sitting position the whole time , it means that I’m in the most vulnerable as far as leaks areconcerned. The downside to sitting on my ass the whole time is it doesn’t really matter that the diaper has a lot of good padding. Your butt still hurts and your legs still hurt after sitting in the same position for that amount of time so sometimes I stand up just to like stretch and make my legs feel better. I always have to assume though that the fact that I need the diaper isn’t necessarily going to happen when I am conveniently standing up. Last night worked out well because I only needed to use the diaper once over the course of the five hours that I was out and that was amazing considering I had two beers and a water. although I have had concert situations in the recent past where I’ve wet my diaper three or four times over the course of three or four hours, so I always have to be prepared for the worst situation. Last night was one of the good ones though. It was a great concert and I got some cool shirts and stuff. The bands were awesome. The drumming was amazing. And I was in that same diaper when I got home and didn’t change out of it until 16 hours later. That was early this morning and by then I had wet it a few more times and also was a bit messy too. that’s been the trend with me needing diapers lately is that I’ve been going through less of them per day since I stopped taking one of my diabetes meds which is nice because it also means I’m less worried about having to change while I’m out in public at a concert. Of course I still always bring extra supplies with me on the chance that I do need that extra diaper.
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Happy to hear that your diabetes is well controlled and you have been able to reduce your medications. As you well know the side-effects are near as frustrating as diabetes.

I am positive that it goes without saying you are skin protecting during those extended wear events.

Happy that you are out and about, keep enjoying life!!
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Concerts and nappies is the ultimate combo. I usually line up hours and hours before a concert and never have to leave the line to use the bathroom. I can rush to the barricade and not have to stop at the bathroom on the way in. I wore very thick nappies to a festival during summer, thank god I did because I was close to leaking by the time I got pulled over the barricade. I think maybe even some non-incontinent people wear nappies in situations like that. There were other people who were on that barricade from 11am til 9pm, not leaving once for anything. Makes you wonder!
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