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I spent all day yesterday diapered, as my house mates are away. I did write about it, and am still updating it on the diaper lovers thread.

Let's just say that I am a HUGE convert to Molicares!

But I've swapped onto this thread because I really want to touch on the little side of the experience, and how that affects me as a little, as being opposed to being a diaper lover.

I love diapers, but I'm a little at heart as well. I'm not an AB, but my little is around 9-12 years old. Yesterday I was feeling about 10 years old all day. I have a packet of Molicare Mobiles, and a pack of Depends briefs. The Depends are my most common form of protection. When I'm in little mode, they become the equivalent of a pull up, or training pants, that helps little me if he has an accident. They're not fully waterproof, and do leak a bit, but that only helps me feel the realism of what I'm trying to achieve. The Molicares are a rare treat, and I'm in love with them already. My little needs those for his bed wetting.

I did a full day of rapid desperation yesterday. It involved drinking copious amounts of water, coffee and some beer, and constantly peeing in my diaper all day. And I mean constantly. Letting out dribbles every 5-10 minutes or so. The idea is to keep your bladder empty while constantly drinking, then stop emptying and start holding while continuing to drink. After being emptied continuously all day, when you start to hold your bladder is so used to being empty, it struggles to hold on.

As a DL I thoroughly enjoyed this. I peed in my nappy over 25 times, my pants twice, and the toilet or shower maybe 8 times, and twice while sitting on the beach during a walk.

But this was not little related. I enjoyed this as a DL who loves wetting.

But as I started my actual hold, little me came straight out. I was wearing a Depends "pull up" under my denim shorts, a pair of white ankle socks, and a cartoon print singlet.

I had my last pee and started the hold. The rapid desperation worked unbelievably well. Within 10 minutes I was feeling the need to pee. It built up unbelievably quickly. Within 30 minutes little me was lifting his legs up and crossing his knees, grabbing and squeezing the front of his shorts, feeling the special underwear he had on. Little me knew he should stop delaying it and go to the toilet, but was too distracted by playing on his phone.

Eventually the inevitable happened, and little 10 year old me had a big accident and wet his pants. By this stage I was so far into character that I felt almost teary and ashamed. I don't think that I've ever felt so completely and utterly little.

After my accident, I was put into a diaper, one of my Molicares. This was part of my game, but by now it was 7pmand I had to switch back to being an adult for a while so I could cook dinner. Not ideal, but that's what the A in AB stands for.

I was wearing only my singlet and nappy while I cooked, but the massive amount of fluids and the deliberate lack of control that I had exhibited all day came back to bite me again. Within 10 minutes of my accident and change into a dry nappy, my need increased straight to 8/10 again! I was now not trying to pee, or be in little mode, as I was busy trying to cook. I wasn't absolutely bursting, and decided to go to the toilet and save my diaper. I'd just wait and put the vegetables on.

Suddenly I wet myself! Honestly and genuinely lost control, and stood there peeing uncontrollably into my diaper! It's the first real accident that I've had that I hadn't set myself up for, been drunk, or planned at all.

I found myself suddenly grabbing the front of my nappy and bending over, but I really couldn't stop. The desperation game had reall messed with my system. I ended up emptying nearly all my bladder before I could regain control.

Little me was back instantly! The feeling of "Oh No I'm wetting myself!" was instantaneous. I felt so helpless and for some reason even scared as I filled my nappy. It was an amazing little experience.

I left my nappy on, and even used it a bit as I ate dinner.

I had a shower, and went to bed in a dry diaper. Of course I woke during the night and felt little me come out again as I lay there wetting my bed. It leaked a bit, and was full, so I removed it, put a towel on the wet patch (just like my mum used to do when I wet as a kid) and went back to sleep in dry boxer shorts.

When I woke up this morning, I needed to pee again. This time I started sucking my thumb, and let the little feelings take over again. This time I felt really little, maybe 5/6.

I felt so naughty laying there and deliberately wetting my bed.

I am currently wearing another pull up, but that's already a bit wet. I have to go to the shop later, and I reckon that I'll be dressed with a nappy under my clothes, because even though I'm supposed to be a big boy, it seems that I still can't be trusted not to wet my pants.

I'm loving my little time. Just wish I had someone to play with
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