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Hi all,

Not sure if this has been asked before?
If you could ask any ABDL diaper company to design the ultimate diaper what design/style would you choose?
What backing would you choose?
If I could choose my ultimate diaper mine would look like : It has to be white, with cute baby designs like pampers or other baby diapers. Would definitely have to be plastic backed, really crinkley like the diapers back in the day. Something along the lines like Attends with waistband. Love how crinkley and soft and smooth the plastic is on those.
Also would have to have decent absorbency like ABU's space diaper or dry 24/7.

So guy's and girls what would be your ultimate diaper?
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With so many high quality diapers hitting the market recently, I think a few of them are fairly close to ideal. I consider the Comficare base model ideal, and specifically really like the AwwSoCute Kitten and the Thrust Vector Crinklz. Besides lower prices, there's really nothing I'd really say needs changing there. Maybe an all-white variation, but that's it. We'll have to see what the Idyl looks like soon I guess!
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