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Happy Thursday everybody,

I have a question on diaper tapes. I'm more of a DL, but I do have a little side that likes to regress for good old nostalgia. After getting back into diapers, I've realized that some of it has to deal with the appeal of diapers from back in the day (early mid 90's to late mid 90's like 1993-1998), part of that had me looking for designs that are accurate and then I found one website for tapes (https://www.etsy.com/listing/101592772/diaper-tapes-50-pieces-adult-baby-prints)
I just have a few questions: what websites do you recommend for diaper tapes? Has anyone used the person above? And then where can you find diaper designs from the 90's? I also have a soft spot for the lion king (90's baby what can you expect?) did any companies utilize designs from the film back in the day, if so are there tapes out there?

thanks everyone, have a good evening!
I can't think of anyone that used Lion King designs, sorry.

As far as prints go, I've used some with prints. The only one I've used that's got a print from the 90's, is ABUniverse's SDK. It has the (almost) exact same print as the first diaper I can remember using, a Pampers.

Hopefully someone else can lead their advise as well.
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