diaper tapes poking your wrists at night?

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I sleep on my back with my hands laying on the tops of my thighs. That places my wrists right over the top tapes on my diaper, with my thumbs in contact with the crotch of my diaper.

Somewhat frequently I have a problem with a tape that's down in just the wrong orientation, and one of the two corners on the pull tab is poking me in the wrist, right there where the skin is tender. It's like a pin prick every now and then, annoying. Also, some diapers have a hard tape panel (bambino for example) and that can be a bit rougher on my wrists than I'd like as well.

I tried wearing underwear over my diaper. Briefs are way too restrictive, tend to hold the padding close and lead to leaks due to no drainage.

I tried boxers. Those were nice and loose for the most part but the crotch seam pulls up in the middle and encourges my diaper to get a "W" to it in the crotch, which we known usually leads to leaks.

For a short time this spring I'd been wearing a tshirt to bed, which was working, but it's gotten a little too warm for that now.

Well I'd bought several pair of cheap boxers so I took one and cut from leg to leg in the crotch, opening it up. That fixed the W and my wrists were good, but I was missing the feel of my diaper's smooth plastic farther down.

So finally I cut horizontally on the boxers, 1" above the bottom of the sides, straight across. And that works perfectly. It's about the size of a really short miniskirt. Protects my sensitive wrists from the pokey diaper tapes top and bottom, as well as the hard tape panels, but gives my hands full tactile access to my diaper, and can keep better tabs on my leg cuffs and how wet I am too. Win all around.

Just thought I'd share in case someone else is having a similar issue.
bambinod. Try some plastic pants or plastic pants with a cloth cover that should work for you.

Put on a onesie. Keeps the diaper close and comfy and it will hide the tapes.
What I do in that situation is to put small piece of duct tape over the offending tapes, since I won't be needing to adjust them any how.
plastic pants: do not like. I like the feel of the shell of the diaper, I just don't want my wrists getting pricked all night long

snip: yes that works on the more offending corners of the pull, I just cut the pull off and the tape lays down flush. That leaves the other end of the tape where it was folded and meets the back wing, and that fold often sticks out and is just as sharp

onesie: see plastic pants above, and my original post about trying a t-shirt and finding it was too hot to wear

duct tape: yep, did that, that works pretty well. A little rough, but not nearly as bad as without. that's what I was doing before I got the "boxer skirt" idea.

thanks for the good suggestions tho, keep 'em coming, and critique my solution if you care to.
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