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So what little padding I had stashed up from my first time ordering something beyond a store brand is all but used at this point, and I'm looking for some suggestions on what to try next. I'm debating getting a cloth diaper, but I'd also like to try more kinds of disposables.

In line with that, what would people recommend (other than Tranquility and things I could get at a big name store) for tape-on disposables, particularly ones with a cloth-like backing, that won't break the bank? While I'm not against the idea of plastic backed diapers, I think that I'd prefer some degree of elastic in the waist if I were to go that route, as I found no elastic to make fitting the plastic backed difficult, and I couldn't get it as right as the clothlike. Also, are there any pull-up style disposables that are worth it, or would I be better off going with cloth for that?

I'm not looking to buy in full case quantities just yet, as I'm still learning what I like in a diaper and don't want to end up with a bunch of padding that I don't like and having to figure out what to do with it. Especially if I end up buying a printed diaper.
Try Abena air plus diapers level 4 they are my day to day diaper and work great, you can also try the plastic backed version or the Dry 24/7 diapers

I have and still use all 3 both brands are comfortable and absorbant the Air plus are cooler in the warmer days
How are the Abena air plus? I've been interested in them for a while
The Abena air plus diapers are great they are my main diaper now I use level 4 and the are comfortable and absorbant try a Few samples they work great. I generally change after 2 good sized wettings so I have never pushed any diaper to its limits (only been wearing 24/7 for 6 months ) the most wettings I have had in one was 4 fair sized ones but that was only once and was not able to change
GreatStuff said:
How are the Abena air plus? I've been interested in them for a while

They are good like rob110 said however the issue with the air plus over the plastic backed which dont have this issue ones is that the tabs have a somewhat strechy connector between the tab and the diaper its self this leads to the diaper becoming loose over time exspecially is moving around. However if you wear tight underware over your diaper then you should be fine
That's true the cloth backed diapers due have a bit of a stretch issue on tapes, I use underwear over my diaper to help hold it in place and I have also begun to use Ducktape to hold the diaper more snug (use it also on plastic backed)

The cloth backed are cooler then the plastic backed versions but you still get warm and have to change more often in warmer weather, but over all I am happy with the air plus
As far as cloth backed disposables, my favorite most absorbent one are the northshore versions, they seem to have the best overall features and absorbency. I personally like them over the M4 Abena Air ones. If you want comfy ones, but only need it to handle a few wettings, FitRights are really awesome. When I was partially using the potty, I used those for a while, they were decent and incredibly comfortable, the diapers just kind of disappeared and I would forget I was wearing them. Now that I only use diapers unless its an emergency, I tend to stick with the more premium ones like Northshore.
If the key phrase here is "won't break the bank", then you should be looking at the Abena Air-Plus line, and consider going for the non-premium versions below the M4/L4. The M3/L3 is considered to be almost as good, but is substantially cheaper per diaper.
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