Diaper Similar to Original Waddler?

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Since Snuggies is rebranding and they won't have a daytime option for a bit does anyone have any ideas on a very comparable diaper?
They were the only diapers I could sleep in - bambinos are too thick and I get sweaty. but I still want the comfy factor that I cannot seem to find in a medical diaper?
I loved the cute prints but I'll live without them, I just want something comparable as far as fit/feel. I wear a medium in Snuggies/Tykables with larges being a bit big, mostly in the rise being way too high.
Defo need to try either ABU SDKs or Cushies. I'm sure you will love the design and they are super comfy :)
I also like the look and feel of the waddlers, only thing tho i dislike is the padding is way to thin, so i was excited when they brought out the overnights. However while they fixed one issue they screwed up the tapes. Anyway, you could try Abena M3's they are pretty good exspecially the air plus ones, they are thinner than an m4, and if you think the M3 may be to big you can also go with the M2 which is even thinner. Hope that helps... p.s. i have a pack or two of the waddlers i wouldn't mind off loading for cheap, if your interested PM me.
The last time I got them, I found these: http://wellnessbriefs.com/products/superio-signature-brief similar to the baseline Snuggies diaper. They've been through at least one generation since then, so you'd probably want a sample. Steer clear of their regular briefs as they have pinhole leaks and even the company doesn't recommend them for active wear.
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