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so on a visit to my usual haunt to purchase diapers, i found that my usual diaper the kolibri comslip was out of stock, so i purchased other brands to see what they are like, I bought two brands the Mydaiper printed nightdiaper, and the Diappizz with Cute Baby Print.

Three hours ago i decided to try the Mydaiper night diapers, these are plastic backed, printed with teddybears and are supposed to hold 4000ml..

on first examination they look like a nice diaper, when put on, they feel cheap. The kolibri i usually buy feel firm, between the legs, you know your wearing them, but these feel flimsy, as if wearing a pair of pullups, they do not feel like they can hold a great deal, i have been wearing one now for 3 hours, and i have had two wettings.. now i tend to wet often, and in little incriments, but even now, after 2, it feels like it wont hold much more, The kolibri can hold a good 6-8 of my wettings before it gets to the point i need to change.
They are also a lot smaller than the kolibri, only just fitting my physique, even though i purchased the largest availalbe.
all in all, i feel that i would still rather purchase the kolibri comslip, it feels more secure.


PS> please post your comments on this diaper..
Any chance of some pictures?

From what i understand they are a super-cheap ABDL diaper that costs half as much as the Snuggies that they imitate. The real question IMO is are they good considering that they are half the price?
MyDiaper (daytlime, snuggies knockoff):

MyDiaper Overnight Animal (crinklz knockoff with no additional capacity over the regular?):
http://abdlfactory.com/image/cache/...mal-adult-diaper-animals-print--1000x1000.jpg (the plagiarism is strong with this one!)

Images from ABDLFactory storefront. They seem to have very constrained inventory although a very large selection of different products there. I don't see where you can order by the case. MyDiaper daytime bags only in medium, animal by singles only.

Check out the price on the fabines!
8pk medium for under $16euro

that's quite cheap for Fabine, priced WELL under Waddler Overnights (at that store anyway)
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i have found that these diapers, are not as absorbant as they claim, no where near, As i have already said, i normally wear Kolibri, which are 4000ml, and i can wet 6-8 times before i need changin, i have never leaked, I wore these diapers for 2 nights, and woke up wet both mornings..

they are really poor, do not feel like they can hold 4000ml, and do not seem to be able to.. they are cheap for printed diapers, costing the same as the kolibri more or less, but im dissapointed in them.

The tapes on them are good, stick and stay stuck, but the diaper itself is poor..

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