Diaper recommendations for someone new to them?

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Hey, I only started wearing diapers recently and I was wondering what people think are best? I'm wearing m4s at the moment. I want something that won't be too noticeable under clothes but is still pretty absorbent. I'm a heavy wetter I guess. I'm in the UK which means my options might be limited.
You can go with Tena Slip Maxi which aren't as thick as Abenas and are very absorbent.

Also check out Seni Quatro. I've only worn those once or twice but I don't remember those being very thick.

iD Slip was another diaper I tried for the first time very recently. Although I don't remember a lot of details about that diaper I think those will also meet your criteria.
Since you are a heavy wetter stay with the premium thicker diapers, they may be more noticeable to people who are looking closely I wear dry 24/7's 24/7 they are thicker and have a slight crinkle but I wear underwear over be my diaper to cut down on the crinkle. I tried thinner diapers for my OAB and I ended up leaking and always being worried I would leak when I flooded now with the dry 4/7's I really don't think about leaks when Wetting I just trust my diaper to do its job.

No one relay looks to see if you are wearing a diaper so just relax and wear protection that will keep you dry and secure. The more you wear thicker diapers the less you think about them when out in public.
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