Diaper/nappy review

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Better dry M10 (only worn once so far)

First impressions. Completely plain white which I like. Extremely soft and smooth plastic, not quite as thick out the pack as I might have expected. Pretty expensive.

Dry wearing. Fit me better than comficare as lower tape position is better. Very comfortable and soft.

Wet wearing. Swells up a lot and clearly has a lot of capacity. However on the second wetting I felt wet on my thighs, kind of like the leg leak protection wasn't very good.

ID Expert Slip Maxi (clothlike) (only worn once so far.

First impressions. Seem OK, quite thick, slightly rough clothlike cover, with lots of purple stripes and lettering. Good value.

Dry wearing - felt quite stiff but fit was pretty good. Clothlike always seem to not feel quite as snug and secure.

Wet wearing. Good capacity as it soaked up my first wetting no problem, but sagging started. If you wore tight pants over the top it would probably be ok. Ended up with quite a big leak while sat on sofa for second wetting. I think when they sag the leg elastic doesn't stay tight against the body so it gals and the leak protectors don't work.

ID expert super PE backed (worn lots)

First impressions. Smooth and noisy plastic covering. White with green stripes and lettering. Reasonably thick. Great value.

Dry wearing. Good fit. Very noisy. Not bad under jeans but if wearing jogging pants they are very noticeable.

Wet wearing. By far the most secure I feel in any nappy/diaper. They absorb one or two wettings no problem and I never have leaks unless I keep going for a third or fourth wetting. I have a lot of confidence when wearing these.

Tens slip maxi PE backed (original) - worn lots

First impressions - So thin and smooth plastic. Not a huge fan I the purple colouring on the landing area, but it does mean I put the tapes the same spot each time which helps get it nice and straight. Now getting expensive.

Dry wearing. Still the best fit for me of any nappy/diaper. Very comfortable and slim fitting. Easy to hide under clothing. Can be a little bit noisy depending on what you are wearing over it.

Wet wearing. Very good. Easily takes one wetting and swells a bit. Still feel very dry and comfortable even when wet. If you are unable to change and wet a lot again it can be touch and go whether it will contain it all. But generally I am good for two wettings. Still one of my favourites and still much better than the new ones, as they keep yo your body much better, sag less so they work better and are more secure.

Abena Abri form M4 (PE backed) worn just once so far, not worn for years.

First impression. Noisy plastic. Thick blue and yellow lines which would show through light trousers. Pretty expensive.

Dry wearing. Very comfortably, padding doesn't seem too dense. No elastic waistband so gaps a bit at the front which might prove a problem for a tummy sleeper. Quite noisy.

Wet wearing. Not a huge amount of swelling but a good capacity. I don't feel particularly comfortable or dry in them, especially when compared to a PE backed Tena Maxi or ID slip

If anyone has any questions please let me know. I could also do a review on tena slip maxi or ultima cloth backed of anyone is particularly interested.
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