Diaper Fixation meets Past Life Regression Therapy


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DISCLAIMER: This post involves the topic of reincarnation. Some religions might consider this blasphemous, so read at your own risk of being offended.

I had done some work in the past with two psychics (or mediums), one of which identified as a "shaman" who were able to provide information about my past lives and how they were interconnected with the past lives of immediate family members and relatives. The first reading I had done was very helpful and provided some context during a tumultuous time involving other family members.

BRIEF HISTORY: I've been wearing diapers 24/7 for most of my life, and mostly for comfort (at least that's how it started!). One of my very first *foggy* memories, which I estimate being between the age of 1 and 2 was taking a bath and eagerly anticipating getting to wear diapers after getting out. Always wanting to be put back into diapers during my entire childhood has always been a theme with me. It took until age 6 until I finally asked my mom to buy them for me. She complied, but only for about 2 or 3 packages before she forced me into psychological testing in which case she refused after the test results came back. The doctor's conclusion was that I was acting out for attention and it wasn't really about the diapers. This was completely untrue. By the age of 16 and making my own money at my first job, I started buying adult diapers (something I had discovered 2-3 years prior) despite the embarrassment it caused. Fast forward, I've been in diapers my whole life. Like most of you, its not so much how long I've been in diapers, but the relatively short period of time that existed in my life where I wasn't able to wear diapers. Being potty trained by age 2 courtesy of so-called daycare requirements, a requirement necessary after the divorce of my biological parents around the same time, may have been the cause of a bedwetting problem I had well into adulthood. There is much more to my history, but that is the basic info.

The goal that the 2nd psychic took up with me by performing a past life regresson was to get clarification/context from this debilitating depression/anxiety/phobic problem I've been struggling with my whole life. As you may know, past-life regression, or at least the type I had, involves connecting with a communicating with spirit guides connected to the person being studied (apparently these are entities that have all the information on us, including past lives); each of us has one [or more]. That is my understanding anyway.

Despite that diapers are [in the current lifetime] a HUGE part of my life, nothing about diapers came up....specifically. But, the information I got back was that my most recent lifetime involved getting severely injured at a young age leaving me crippled for life but not quite enough to die. I was told the anxiety stemmed from that disabling event and because it never got resolved, I brought it with me into this life. This life has been plagued by feelings of depression, worthlessness and suicidal tendencies.

I felt that this topic might be useful to others so as to help answer the age-old question "Why do I like diapers?" The topic has been studied in depth by Bittergrey and others and is present in all ABDL forum. Why do some people have an attraction to diapers [in this lifetime] without a traumatic precursor that could justify it? Some even have traumatic experience(s) in the current lifetime and there is no doubt that this is the cause of an attraction to diapers while others strangely do not. Perhaps it doesn't matter what lifetime the event in question may have happened in, but if you've had some type of traumatic experience, possibly involving disability, sexual abuse [or even some type of abuse like torture/interrogation], this might underpin some of the unknown ABDL desires we end up with. Somehow, diapers become some sort of trigger/object of fixation as a result.

Although I didn't ask followup questions to the psychic, I have no doubt that in my disabled past life, incontinence in that life somehow triggers the diaper desires in this life or the idea of others needing to help change me is also an interest of mine. Because I don't know what year that life was, I don't know if diapers had even been invented yet (I guess it doesn't matter as incontinence problems have been with humanity since the dawn of time I imagine). In this life, I'm OK physically, but feel mentally crippled. Anyway, that's my two cents worth. Hope this might help others.
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As a background, I am an atheist and do not believe in the supernatural at all but I do still relate to this. I have always had a fairly mild form of incontinence. I cannot "hold it" or whatever for more than 15 minutes then I will wet. This caused me not to be mostly potty trained until almost 7 years old. I can actually fairly vaguely remember not being potty trained and even then it is like I say I am only most of the way there I would still be in a diaper at times, I was basically potty trained but like I say I have 15 minutes max to get to the toilet and may wet on long car rides and during movies as well as a few other times and can remember being in pullups until twelve I think and never grew out of bedwetting.

I have been in diapers 24/7most of my life as well I suppose, from birth until 6 and still in diapers at least a few times a year until about 12. I have autism but I am high functioning and I think my wetting is a neurological thing but I am not bothered by being in diapers at all, I also rarely wet while in public and do not think I have since I was 6 or 7. If I am in private I have wet my pants until 14 if I am highly distracted. I moved out at 18 and by 19 or 20 I had a job I can work from home. Rember how I said I never grew out of Bedwetting? Yeah well, I still had Goodnites for this reason and one day while answering on the phone for my job one day I had actually wet myself as it was a long call and did not want to use the restroom while on the phone.

After that, I said forget it and instead of putting on a new pair of pants after I put mine in the wash I just put on one of the Goodnites I had. It was a busy day and I was responding to Emails now dressed only in my Goodnites and feel the need to go to the bathroom but keep doing some Email responses and that is when it happens again and I wet my diaper although not much so I got up and used the restroom for the rest of it. Later that day I had just had Dinner and having never changed I wet again and this time just let myself wet all the way and it was comforting and stress relieving.

From that day forward I have been in diapers more or less 24/7. I have even made a system of how I may wet myself. I have what I call Stage 1-3 Stage 1: Normal where I have my typical 15 minutes. Stage 2: Emergency where I will wet in about 5 minutes and only have about a 50% chance of wetting if I did not intend to and Stage 3: Baby where I am basically back at not being potty trained again, I will wet without knowing or at least on my way to the bathroom even if it is my last diaper, I typically do not want to wet if I only have 3 left and do not want to wet my last one for rather obvious reasons. Several things cause higher stages like drinking, concentrating, and even just being in diapers.

This whole lockdown we have has certainly lead to several higher stage accidents. If I did believe in past lives it makes me wonder if I died as a kid, at least that is a thought that crossed my mind when reading your post. I do kind of know why I wet mainly due to comfort but I do wonder why I have never carried if I wet myself.