Diaper fetish reference on "Bones"

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Occasionally I use Google to search for diaper fetish references in the news or in pop culture. I like to see in what kinds of ways our subculture are making it into mainstream media.

This morning I did a search and found that in a recent episode of "Bones" one of the main characters admitted to having a diaper fetish! Here's a link to te episode summary:


Did anybody catch the episode or have a link to this particular part?

I think it's pretty cool that a main character in a popular show can admit to having a diaper fetish, and there's no negative reaction...or at least that's how it reads; I would really like to see the actual video...
I saw that episode (and was going to post about it here). Overall it played a very minor role in the episode which was to provide motive for blackmail, but I felt the reaction from the characters was definitely "what is wrong people who do that" . Very disappointed overall. Good episode other than that though.
Recently on bones a dead guy was a diaper wearer and Angela kept looking at a picture of the guy in diapers and mentioned she loves fetishist and Dr.Saroyan said yeah that's weird and if the guy had of waited a few years he would have needed them for real.

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I looked up the official website for this TV show, and you can go to this page http://www.fox.com/bones/full-episodes to watch this full episode. (It's currently the second one on that list, but that will change over time.)
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