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First off, I’ve always been partial to goodnites, I do t mess, and they are usually more of a sexual kink for me. So first question: is there any difference, besides print, between the boy or girl goodnites ?

Secondly: I’m debating “stepping up” to a true ABDL diaper, but I don’t know where to start. I’m looking for something not to bulky, and definitely plastic backed so I can get the crinkle effect. Tape or pull up doesn’t really matter, but that being said I don’t know the benefits of either. Looking for some input.. Thanks !!
Goodnites sucks because they're too thin and look more underwear-like. You should switch to real diapers (preferably with baby prints and plastic-backing), since they can hold way more liquid and are the best for pooping. Also, you should try pooping in those diapers at least once and see if you like it.
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Goodnites are often advertised as having zoned protection, meaning more padding higher up in the front for boys, and more in the middle for girls.
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I started with goodnites as well. I strongly recommend a true ABDL diaper as they are way less prone to leaking and so much more fun to wear. My first ABDL diaper was a Crinklez, they have very decent absorbency and are not too bulky. As the name implies, they are "crinkley". I love their cute prints as well. With that being said, I suggest buying sample packs from several different brands if you can, as it will take some trial and error to find the diaper that is right for you.
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Imo the only difference between gender specific pull-ups/disposable underwear is the print. I don't believe they till have the flood zones anymore, up front for boys in the crotch for girls.
for ABDL diapers I suggest you search, Adultbaby diapers, Tykables, ABUniverse, Little For Big, Bambino Diaper Minister, Nappies r Us.. you should find some thing that interests you then come back and ask about that specific diaper/s. Someone here will know.
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