Diaper Doublers

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What is a diaper doubler?
Well, basically it's like using an extra diaper without the bulk.
They can be cut in whatever size works best for you.
There is also no end to the possibilities of fabric combinations you can use so have fun!
Every baby is different...some babies are heavy wetters so will need either 8 layers of flannel or 2 layers flannel and 2 layers terry cloth.
Another great idea would be to add a layer of polar fleece on one side of the outer.
Fleece draws wetness away from baby and helps keep the skin healthy and dry.

Procedure -
* Cut an 8" by 25" rectangle of your fabric of choice (or plain paper will do too) to use for a pattern.
* Using this piece as a guide, cut your desired number of layers for your doubler. Either 8 layers of flannel or two layers of flannel with two layers of towel terry inside, is recommended.
* Stack all layers together and straight stitch about 1/4" from the edge.
* Trim edges even if needed and then zigzag or serge the edges encasing them.

On a more frugal note, this is a great place to use those towels and receiving blankets again.

NOTE: These directions are modified from the directions for making newborn - toddler doublers. Some adjustments in measurements may be necessary for a perfect fit!

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