Diaper disappointment


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I call it diaper disappointment when I purchase a new hyped up diaper but I'm sorely disappointed after trying out said diaper. Issues like fit, feel, crinkle factor, absorbency, appearance, manufacturer defects like misaligned tapes, tapes ripping, clumping....ect, ect, ect....

What was your lastest diaper disappointment?

I've had some real diaper disappointments in the past including some from ABDL manufacturers.
I think my latest diaper disappointment is LFB diapers.
I mean all the hype built up over LFB diapers is what really urged me to buy them.
I recently bought a mixed case with 7 different diapers and I'm not happy with them even though I was all excited to try them.
I guess my overall issue is the fit. So far of the 7 diapers I have tried 4, Blushing Baby, Astro Babies, Nursery Pink and I'm currently wearing Baby Cuties. I'm not at all impressed with these diapers.
I'm totally disappointed with Blushing Baby because while the waist fit fine like any size XL diaper there just wasn't enough rise and the diaper completely scrunched up under my belly. It was basically the same with the Astro Babies. All that hype turned into a big bust. So far the only diaper that has given me a little tingle was the Nursery Pink. It had a much better fit because it had a slightly higher rise.

Don't get me wrong here. I am in no way downing or bashing LFB. I genuinely believe these diapers are great for some ppl, but they're just not great for me.
I hope in the future LFB adds an XL size to these diapers with a higher rise or maybe just increases the rise (length)on the LG diapers.
I am sadly disappointed in these diapers but I have no ill will towards LFB. Unfortunately I will not be purchasing more of the Blushing Baby, Astro Babies diapers anytime soon.
Two tape disposable nappies are my latest disappointment.
I wanted to like them but just couldn’t get on with them.

My worst of all time was when I ventured into a special needs shop to purchase a pack of disposables.
It was the first time I’d bought over the counter and had an elaborate story about being on the phone talking to someone about what they wanted.
Heart thumping I looked at the shelf of nappies as quick as possible and grabbed a pack in medium (the right size)
I speedily paid and got the contraband back to the car in a hurry.
That night, after the family had gone to bed, I got the pack from the car and opened it only to discover they were pull ups 🙄
I hate pull ups!!!!🤬
I’m more than then likely an outlier on this but crinklz was my last disappointment, went to size large and they swallowed me up, then as I wore them the inside padding started to fall apart.