Diaper Culture, Then, Now and To Be.

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First dear reader, let me offer a warning, this is a bit of a frolic of my mind. I will en-devour to stay on topic or as close to as possible to hold your attention. Please allow me the occasional meander though before you promptly close this window and go back to the forums. Thank you for your patience.

While reading a thread that I know has been posted several times over the years on this forum, a question that is so intrinsic to the ABDL topic I was struck by a thought. What was the topic? to put it simply, how did this start?

my first reaction was to chuckle at the appearance of an old friend, in this case i am referring to the topic of the thread itself. I was picturing unregistered visitors in search of confirmation of their identity or their interests reading this thread and saying "HEY! this sounds familiar! I must be part of this community and just never knew it! maybe i'll lurk for a few more years till i register"

The next image to come into my mind, The almost orobous (in this case, i'm trying to use this term for a hunger to consume everything around you, as opposed to devouring yourself.) hunger for any information or hints at how to feel even more a part of this community, to dive in full depth if you will. or at least familiarize themselves with the "Culture"

What exactly is our culture? IT has changed since i was a wee child looking for my own confirmation on the internet (yes...the only 18 warnings failed to keep me out back in the early 2000's.)

I remember advertisements for DPF, and peoples letters thanking this magazine based club (?) for finally helping them to connect to one another, and not feel as alone.

this tight knit community that I was never a part of, and i use the term tight knit lightly, as again I had no part in it aside from a voyeur. developed their own rules and unspoken rules for their events and even correspondence.

Adisc, as a community when compared to other contemporaries (at least in my own opinion) is most likely the easiest to take seriously, due to its lack of over the top animations and blatant kink fulfilling advertising. this allows for a great deal of influence not only in helping each other as best we can in the now, but setting trends for what is acceptable behavior in the future.

So..my question i suppose is what behaviors between the different groups on this forum and the culture as a whole, should be considered taboo in the future? should more awareness be brought to certain ideas?
The behavior we are promoting today, and the things we ourselves find taboo will influence the next generation.

I think I will receive a few responses paraphrasing or directly quoting the "Golden Rule", but I am hoping for something a bit more specific and perhaps even less hypocritical. being the the "Golden Rule" can lead to the situation mentioned above, where treating others as you would like to be treated can lead to a feeling of obligation that puts you outside your own personal comfort zone.

Should there be a general protocol for meeting other ABDLS in real life? at events? should there be a general protocol for ABDLS on youtube or in public or on tv to prevent misconceptions in global popular culture or other negative situations?

As someone who lives in the "Live Free or DIE" state, I feel its hypocritical to push protocol that would infringe on peoples personal liberties with what they choose to do.
however..I also feel we would be wasting an opportunity to consciously affect the future. In 10, 20,30 years. what facets of this culture would you want to see in effect?

I am half afraid ive meandered too far away from a clear cut and dry question from this post..however I hope to add more on my thoughts soon.

If this topic interests you, please respond. if it does not, let this thread die its "Natural Death."
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In a few years, I would like to see a wider array of services and products catering to this market. Think specialty stores like Rearz. I would appreciate it if we could reorganize our image. Knowing that there are predatory members of this community bothers me, and if there are any people or groups standing by and allowing this to happen, they should be stopped. There are many great people out there and I hope that we can find acceptance with increased awareness.


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This is just my feeling and observation.

It feels to me like the gay community back it the 1950/1960 people know it was there but it was not seen as normal behavour.

Now it almost fashionable to be gay.

It is my hope that it will happen for us as well.

It is more well know than we think and a quick google surch will give an vanilla alot of info on the way we are.

I have been openly little in public twice now that is wearing the clothing i am most comfortable which is shorts dungarees and a T-shirt or shorts and a tshert similar to my Avatar. Huging Peter rabit and sucking my pasifer. On both occasions the general public saw me, but did not say any thing.

Yes I was very nervous do this but feel great afterwards. It not something I would do a lot and would like to do this with other Littles.

As for meeting other people with in our community. I been to LBL meet and I love it. And I know that this is on the increase or seems to be in the UK.

I just think we need to be carefull when meeting people of the internet any way but all the little I have meet in person have be great. I have not meet one person that I think is not nice.

I think it becouse we all lookout for each other and have happer life's becouse we are in touch with the inerchild.

Those that know me know that I am the one that will make the outrageous statements. And I usely end up in the naughty corner over it. Guess I haven't learnt because here I go again. I hope we are accepted by Society the same way as transgender people are now. After all most of us are children stuck in an adult body.

OK, OK i know it not the same thing. But it the way that I feel.

I go now a stand in the naughty corner. And have some think time.

Hee, hee


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