Diaper Concept Review - Tena Slip Plus, Cotton-Feel Backed

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I wanted to write this review as I have been looking for something like the Tena Slip cotton-feel backed diaper for a while now and I just got my hands on some today.
This is more of a review of the concept of cotton backed diapers in the ABDL space than an actual review. It is quite subjective, I make no bones about it but I hope you enjoy it.

So before all you plastic backed diehards start yelling blaspheme, sacrilege and other eccentric olde world words at your computer screens at the mere mention of tena ditching the plastic backed diaper, I implore you to read on, hear me out; for I too was a plastic backed diaper diehard, I still love my plastic diapers.

I love their ability to be secured so, so tightly, the rustling noise, the slippy felling from the plastic back you get when sliding your bum across the floor or seat.
I love the contrast between the sleek outer shiny plastic and the soft comforting interior. As you can tell I am mostly DL :)

When I was in diapers for the first time in my life, Pampers disposable diapers would have been plastic backed and remained so up until I was old enough to remember my younger cousins diapers.

Like many of us on here I have been fixated on diapers all my life, some of my earliest memories are of an unusual feeling, almost giddiness when near a box of diapers.

So what has any of this got to do with my review of Tena Slip Plus, Cotton-Feel Backed. Well quite a lot actually because, despite having been inducted into a plastic backed world of diapers at an early age.

By the time I had become a teenager and those feelings had turned from giddiness to something more adult, an arousal; the only baby diapers I could find were unisex cotton feel diapers.

Until I was old enough and brave enough to buy my first box of adult diapers I was trying and just barely to fitting into Pampers baby dry, pull-ups etc. My desires to fit into these diapers has never subsided.

I had always been jealous of anyone who could fit into them. To me, the Pampers represented the gateway to the reduced capacity, diaper wearing need I longed to have; to be the 'baby' I so jealously saw wearing the diaper while in my teens.

Once I finally grew out of Pampers baby dry, sadly I had to say goodbye to them. I started buying Tena slip, a great diaper very comfortable and relatively discreet under clothes. I learned to love them and forgot all about the days of 'baby dry'.

I had recently tried other cloth backed disposable diapers over the past year and there are many merits to some of these diapers.
They're great in summer so you don't get sweaty or itchy in the bed at night, they are more discreet in public than plastic diapers and are generally more comfortable, but they always left me longing for the days of the baby dry.

But with the release of Tena Slip Plus, Cotton-Feel Backed I feel the pinnacle of baby and adult diaper hybrid is now here.

To me at least Tena Slip Plus, Cotton-Feel Backed are the adult version of pampers baby dry, the only difference is the design.

This is the diaper I have been waiting for ever since the day I finally admitted that the Pampers baby diapers just weren't going to stretch that final inch.

If you are a fan of Pampers baby dry or have the same preferences to baby dry as I do I strongly recommend you try them out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, at least I hope you take some positive experience from it.
I personally am blown away by these diapers, I don't often do reviews but I feel Tena did a really good job with this diaper and I just want to put something good out there into the community for people who have similar taste in diapers as me.


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