Diaper and tights

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After reading up on it i found out that most panty hose or tights are bought by men so i decided to try it. Found out there great for various reasons but they are great with diapers
Panty hose on men are also great for protecting you from temperature extremes alot of cops and firemen wear them on duty.
I'd get some myself, but my parents and siblings are nosy so I can't
silentdreamer1996 said:
I'd get some myself, but my parents and siblings are nosy so I can't
It is a lot easier to hide panty hose than diapers,and they have applications way outside of the fetish/ kink world, for example I always kept old ones in my car for such everyday emergencies as a belt breaks on your engine they can be used in place of said belt to get untrained and to the shop or home where you can actually fix the belt.
My traditional roman catholic parents would think/say other wise. That is why when I get my rainbow fingerless gloves and stockings, they're staying with me at college. Over the summer I might be able to hide them in the secret compartment of my travel bag.
I'm not sure I buy the premise but I've certainly worn panty hose and tights with and without diapers. I run in tights as well.
If you're a guy, the Reeboks sports boxer briefs works great keeping the diaper snug.
I thought about the men athletic tight but at my size i figured i might as well go cheaper and use just standard pantyhose and tight
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