Developing affection for stuffed animals and plushies

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A couple of days ago I had some visits and had to hide all my stuff. The next day as I was getting ready to go to work all my stuff was still hidden but I remembered how my teddy bear was kind crammed and under some clothes, so I took him out, and as I did that I also got an urge to hug him and I did.

I felt really good and it got me thinking how initially I saw it as just a teddy bear but now it seems I'm actually developing a serious affection for this inanimate object, I was really surprised because I didn't think I would start to get attached to my teddy bear and see him as more than just a soft object. But I do, and it's great actually.

I went looking around the internet and apparently stuffed animals are not only important for babies and toddlers emotional development but can also provide emotional comfort and healing on older children and adults which makes sense.

Do you any similar stories or thoughts you would like to share? Any stuffed animals you have and like to cuddle with?
I love my plushies! I got a parrot called Captain Crackers and he lives on my bed with Jolly giraffe and Bounce my kangaroo. I also have beanie boos and a rabbit. I also got a Bob the minion. Sometimes they are lying about when people come over. Like if I've been watching cartoons with one of my plushie gang and they are just lying on the sofa. But it is actually ok, I find people don't really care much or at least they don't say anything. Sometimes I even takes my plushie out, usually when it is just me and my husband and we are going out to the movies or for a meal. I mean it would be kinda mean to leave one of the plushies out think of all the adventues they would miss! But when it comes to going out around people we actually know I might be a bit more shy.

Whats your teddy called Zendot? I bet he is really cute and would like to play with captain crackers :)

*By a bit more shy i mean I don't take them out with me with people what I know
I sleep with my plushie tiger named Trevor. Yeah, I'm pretty attached to him. I find it difficult to sleep without him. And yes, I think of him as a "him" not an "it". I fully understand it is all my imagination, but so is everything about regression. I love the fact that I have the imagination of a young child! So I will go on loving and cuddling my Trevor every night.

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Oh Roo that reminded me! I sleep with my Giraffe every night. It isn't cause he is my favouritest or anything it is cos I like to hug his neck. And yep my giraffe Jolly is definately a He and my kangaross Bounce is definitely a she. Captain Crackers is definately a he and Snowflower bunny is definitely a she.

I bet Trevor lives in the jungle and hunts snakes and swims in jungle pools! :)
Trevor lives in my bed, silly, and he just gives hugs and snuggles.

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I also have Paw Patrol plushies, Chase and Marshal. They are and Marshal. [emoji12]

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I have a plushie Bob Minion and guess what he is called. Bob! :)
I've said it before around here, but I've become super attached to my wolf plush. Getting him was the one of the best things I've ever done.
Im super attached to my bunny! But I also kinda feel bad for cuddling bunny more than my other two main plushies, nana (monkey) and Bruce (dog) :(
I'm definitely attached to my plushie dog, Jethro. I carry him around in the house with me so we can do stuff together all day, and I've even taken him out of the house a few times, in my jacket pocket. He's definitely a great friend to me.
I admit to being very much attached to my 2 teddy bears and my baby dolls too.
No need to feel ashamed about being an adult an needing to hug and play with plush friends and dolls.
I tend to really think of my plushies as being alive. When I have family visiting, I hide them in the closet, and I always feel like their mad at me for putting them away. As soon as the company is gone they go back on the bed. I always sleep, hugging my teddy bear, and all the others, six in fact, have their special place on the bed. Oh yeah, and my wife too.
I love my stuffed animals as well. When I was younger, I had a few, but I never had the sort of affection and love that I have now.
I like to think that they are more then just stuffed, like they live on in my head, analogy would be a virtual machine that runs inside a server, the hardware being me of course. I interface usually with emotions and one sided commenting.
I love them in other ways as well. I'm most fond of Mickey Mouse, but my first that set me off on this was Winnie the Pooh.
I have quite a few of the disney characters as well, Minnie, donald, goofy, daisy, pluto, oswald, and olaf. I have a 72 inch Mickey Mouse, he is so huge. Difficult to sleep with, got caught twice doing that, probably won't risk it again. But My large sized ones I sleep with, the rest I usually display, and play with occasionally.
I honestly feel that they have helped keep me alive, because I don't have any one else to love.
But they only go so far, things are real tough for me right now, Living on 8k/yr and 5.5k of that I already paid in tuition. Don't seem eligible for financial aid(applied twice). I don't know what to do, I don't have time to work more than I do.

I had a rabit call Guss when I was a child.
He was always with me.
But I went thought a point in my life when I really tryed to be a grown up and having Guss was no longer right.
It really at putting in the charity bag. And I Immediately started to miss him and still do.
And now I realise what a mistake it was, but did not know about my self back then as I was bizzy trying to fit in.

Now I have Peter from Build-A-Bear and Rex my dog. Who was the last one the shelf a Tesco's one day and I had to have him.

Cuddly toys are important part of the Little's life, they do an important roll they keep the monsters from under the bed come out.

I will try and translate that for you. I have lots of thoughts that go through my head when I'm laying in bed and worrys.

Having something to hug seem to make it better. Yes I know they are on in uploaded object. But some how it works.

Grrrr woff woff. Rex said hi.
dogboy said:
I tend to really think of my plushies as being alive. When I have family visiting, I hide them in the closet, and I always feel like their mad at me for putting them away. As soon as the company is gone they go back on the bed.

I've done the exact same thing. There have been a couple occasions where I put mine down and go do something, then wonder why he's looking at the other side of the room and not at whatever I'm doing. The feeling doesn't last for very long, but it's a weird cognitive dissonance while it does.
I'm attached to all of my stuffies. Almost all of them I grew up with and have very fond memories with.
Ever since I played Edna & Harvey: The breakout, I wanted a blue stuffed bunny. I was astonished to stumble upon one on ebay by accident, I ordered it immediately. You can guess that the game made him more than alive in my head. I even infected my wife and daughter, had to order pink ones for them.
You don't have to be into ageplay to like stuffed animals.

My best friend's Dad just turned 80. This man has had a teddy bear for several years now as an odd gift one Christmas that follows him around the house. Usually on a sofa or desk out of the way watching him. If he goes to the store this teddy peers out the window awaiting his return. Of course this teddy bear doesn't move on its own and this man is still mentally very sharp when I met him not long ago.

Even my plushies don't follow me around like that, but then again I'm not retired either.
I only have one, he's my doggie Rocky. I sleep with him every night and love him so much I think I would die if anything happened to him. He even smells like me. I've tried to bring in other stuffed animals but after a day or two I'm over them and it's into the closet. He's the only one for me.
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