Developing a catalyst (Deconstructive spoof of "Potty Plots")


Diaper Lover
I'm in the process of developing a one-shot story that plays around with episodes and stuff relating to toileting. Such an example can be seen in Rugrats episode 2x02A, "Chuckie vs. the Potty".

Thus far, the big catalyst is that the main lead is about two and her mother was watching/listening to a talk show on TV/on the radio. Perhaps there's some guest whose words put psychological pressure on her to make it happen and she tries to keep up with the Joneses (the guest probably holds the belief that 2 is the magic age where kids stop wetting their pants). She thinks toileting her daughter will be easier than it was ten years ago with her son... but madness ensues.

Lots of wet pull-ups and a cringe kiddy video plugging the potty to be featured.
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