Destiny PS4 Guardians

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Hey everyone,

Sorry if this is a repost, but through my searches I didn't see a thread with these same specifics.

Anyone playing Destiny on PS4? - I just hit lvl 34 on my first and second characters. Really enjoying House of Wolves.

Feel free to leave your class and gamertag if you want to raid / play through the Prison of Elders arena sometime.

Cloud :cloud9:
What time are you normally on? I'm on EST, and I can be on from 7am-12pm. Weekends are a no go till my job stops forcing us to work 6 day weeks.
I'm lvl33 lock - hoping to make some etheric light from iron banner this week. I'm UK on GMT... Just got a mic and will be playing this weekend
Maybe we can plan something down the road. How's your exotic collection coming along?
Y'all still hooking up for Destiny?
You still looking for players? If so let me know! Still trying to find people for the raids :)
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