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Someone posted a short blurb in another thread about what they would change on a diaper. I thought it would be a fun exercise to imagine what the ideal diaper would be. Of course, this is going to vary from person to person and maybe even situation to situation. Here are a few things to consider:

Outer cover-some like plastic and some like the cloth-like. There are many kinds of plastic though. Depends and Attends have a thin, crinkly plastic; Molicare is all but silent; and Abena is somewhere in between. There is the relatively thin plastic of Abena and Molicare and the thick plastic of Bambinos.

Color-Some diapers are white and others are blue, green, pink, or purple. Some have prints and others don't.

Tapes-How many? Resealable (Depends claims to be resealable; Abena, Molicare, and others have a double tape system that actually is resealable)? Colored tapes?

Filling-Every diaper has a balance between fluff and gel. Fluff is designed to absorb. Gel is designed to wick. More fluff means more capacity; more gel means the diaper absorbs faster, keeps you drier, and is less likely to have a press out effect. There is also a clumping problem in some diapers.

Inner layer-There is also the issue of the layer that holds the fluff in.
Some diapers are plain on the inside. Some are quilted and some have an "acquisition layer." Some diapers have a medicated inner layer, typically with aloe.

Capacity and thickness-A diaper that holds a lot is not always the best. I like a thick diaper as much as the next guy, but if I only have a few hours from the time I get home to the time I take a shower, then I will almost never use an entire super thick diaper. To put this in perspective, an Abena Super holds 50 ounces, an Abena X-plus holds 75, an attends with waistband holds 18. There is also the issue of discreteness.

Waistbands, leg gather, and leak guards-Some don't enjoy waistband, some like them in the back, and some like them all around. Likewise for leg gather; some are elastic and some are not. As for leak guard, some stand up and others don't. Other diapers don't have them at all.

Wings-Some diapers are T-shaped. Most have wings on the front and back.

Scent and odor control-Most adult diapers are not scented. Most also have odor control. Some people like scents and other worry about it giving them away. Most diaper caim to have odor control technology, but some people enjoy the odor of a well-used diaper.

So if you could design the perfect diaper, based on these and other features, what would it be?

I'll start with mine.
Cover-I like plastic covers, preferably quiet, but I'd like to to have a sturdier plastic as well. Something along the lines of the Bambino. I find it more babyish.

Color and print-I like the idea of a colored diaper, but all the adult diapers that have colors have lousy colors. I'd like a bag of mixed colors: baby blue, baby pink, and white. Emphasis on the "baby" shades of these colors. I also like a printed waist band, with cartoon characters from my youth: TMNT, Tiny Toons, Care Bears.

Tapes-I like two tapes. The third seems superfluous when the tapes are well made. I'd like them wider and clear. I also want double tapes, like Abena.

Filling-I like a moderate layer of gel with a thick layer of fluff underneath followed by another layer of gel. I'm not sure what could help the clumping issue, but at least the gel on top will keep the wetness away from my skin and the thick fluff will hold alot. The gel on bottom would prevent pooling and leaks better than the fluff being right up against the outer layer. A sixty ounce capacity would be ideal, especially if there were more fluff than in other diaper. This would be thick, which I like, but I'd still get my money's worth. And I like the feeling of a very wet diaper, especially if it gets a little saggy.

Inner layer-I like a thick inner layer. The Abena inner becomes see-through once it's used. I'd prefer it didn't. I think this would also help with the issue of the fluff falling to the bottom when it gets saturated. I don't care for the quilted sheet, but I like them to be medicated. I'd medicate with Desitin and aloe. I alos like the acquisition layer. Sometimes those are blue, sometimes not. I'd prefer a colored acquisition layer, the opposite color of the outer cover: baby blue/baby pink or vice versa.

Capacity and Thickness-Sixty ounces, very thick.

Waistband, leg gather, and leak guards-I like a waistband in the back. It makes it somewhat adjustable, but I think a waistband all the way around makes it hard to get it as tight as I'd like it sometimes. I think the leg gathers in the Abena are perfect; they give some room to move without the diaper shifting back and forth because it doesn't have a hold on you legs. I like standing leak guards. In my perfect diaper, there would be leak guards on the side and also on the wings, the front and the back. These are the place people seem to leak most, and the only places I ever leak.

Wings-I like them on both the front and back. The single biggest improvement I think any diaper can make: absorbent material in the wings extended far enought that they would overlap when taped (or leace no more than an inch of bare plastic). This is where I typically leak, especially when lying down. I think this would stop 70%-90% of leaks.

Scent and odor control-I like odor control. As much as I find the smell of a wet or dirty diaper babyish, too much of a good thing is a stinky thing. As for scent, I love, love the smell of pampers from back in the day.

That's my perfect diaper. What's yours?


My perfect diaper

Here's mine, its not completely what I want but its close.

Cover-I like cloth covers, but with a good layer of plastic underneath. I like the feeling of a cloth outside (and the noise level I guess) and the plastic would protect against leaking.

Color and print-I really enjoy having an all-white diaper (kind of nostalgic I guess) but I don't mind the prints on Goodnites and Underjams. I'd probably like for them to be white, maybe with a blue waistband.

Tapes-I like two tapes, one is basically useless (thing one large flap) and three are two much.

Filling-I like a thick layer of gel with a thick layer of fluff, a good balance of each should allow for a good diaper, with fast wicking, but large capacity. Maybe multiple, alternating layers?

Inner layer-I like a fluffy inner layer, something really comfortable and soft. The thickness should be enough to feel secure and comfortable, but not insane.

Capacity and Thickness-40-50 ounces, thick, but still enough to allow for decent movement.

Waistband, leg gather, and leak guards-I like a waistband all around, since I like Goodnites the best. I like a little leg gather, just enough to make it leak less often.

Wings- Need greater overlap for coverage (which I know is basically impossible in Goodnites, or any pull up)

Scent and odor control-I also like odor control, its nice to be able to enjoy the feelings before you have to deal with the smell.


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I'd take an exact copy of the Luvs, Huggies, and Pampers diapers that were made in the mid to late 1980s, except they'd be bigger to fit adults. That was during the transition to the gel polymers, when baby diapers were just starting to get thinner. So for a while, there were the thicker diapers and the thinner ones, which were still a bit thicker than the thin ones today. The thick diapers back then not only looked babyish and would have been tons of fun if I could have fit into them, but they absorbed wetness quickly because they didn't over-rely on just the polymers. They also had more cellulose fluff which absorbed quicker than the gel stuff. Thicker was often promoted as better back then, because thickness just naturally went together with higher absorbency.

And just think of how cool it would feel to sit down on all that fluffy padding, which would be a great cushioning feature for one's butt when sitting down on a hard surface.

As far as the diaper being bulkier and more noticeable, that would be part of the fun of wearing diapers. And when that wasn't feasible under certain types of clothes, then the thinner ones would have their place too.

The one tape per side design is one that would so work for adult diapers if they were cut and proportioned just the same as baby diapers are. Of the very few one tape per side diapers for adults that I've seen or tried, they're not that good because they're not designed correctly.

Here's an example of those diapers' thickness - if only those kind were still around.
Luvs Baby Pants
More Baby Pants
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I think what you are wishing for would be an adult version of these...


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I think what you are wishing for would be an adult version of these...

Those also look cool - do you know when they're from? They almost look like the prefolded style, but it's hard to tell in the picture.


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I'd take the inside from Dry 24/7, and maybe add a bit more fluff.
Add the perfume from Attends 10+ years ago. Use the taping system
Secure Plus Brief has. Maybe also the plastic of the diaper a bit thicker.

To me, that would be the ultimate diaper.


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Cover- Soft plastic. So it has just a little bit of crinkle :)

Color and print- White with little prints like they have on Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. (I really wish they had Adult Diapers like that that I could get!)

Tapes-I like two tapes, more than that is just pointless, and less is too troublesome.

Filling- A medium-thick gel filling, just enough to absorb everything.

Inner layer-Super soft and comfy. If I put pants on over the diaper, there'd be a small diaper bulge.

Capacity and Thickness- Nice n' thick, can hold 1-2 good wettings before leaking, and this is without doubling up.

Waistband, leg gather, and leak guards- A loose-ish waistband (I prefer tapes), and the leg gather should be tight, but there should be a little breathing room

Wings- Wings? I thought only pads had wings.

Scent and odor control- I would love a baby-fresh smell, like baby powder.

In other words, maybe just a Adult version of a Huggies, Luvs, or Pampers :p


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I would like to have something like this:

Style: pull-ups/tape on combination much like the Depend Refastenable.
Outside cover: Cloth like outer with a sort of thick and durable nitrite waterproof backing
Waistband: Elastic type.
Sides: Cross over between the softness and stretchiness of both Underjams and Goodnites underpants for a nice snug fit.
Leg Gathers: Nice and soft that automatically adjusts to the contour of your crotch leg joint area for nice comfort.
Leak guards: Dual wall support system with the guards made out of the same materials found in the old Goodnites but with cloth like both sides.
Absorbent core: Take the Best of Molicare, Abina, Bambino, and Secure X-plus and have it all nice soft and comfortable and thick and heavily absorbent enough to hold a 70 Oz wetting.
Design: Oval leg gathers for females and brief like for males.
Coloring & Wetness indicator:
Pink with Disappearing pony designs.
Light Yellow with Disappearing daisy designs.
White with Disappearing shooting stars.
Blue with Disappearing sail-boats.
Green with Disappearing clover leaves.
White with Disappearing shooting stars.
Sizing: "Some one please help me out with this one"
2T - 3T, 4T - 5T, 6 - 7, 8 - 9, 10 - 11, 12 - 13, 14 - 15, 16 - 17, 18 - 19, 20 - 21, 22 - 23, 24 - 25, 26 - 27, 28 - 29, 30 - 31, 32 - 33, 34 - 35, 36 - 37, 38 - 39, 40 - 41, 42 - 43, 44 - 45, 46 - 47, 48 - 49, 50 - 51, 52 - 53.

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cover - medium to thick plastic with cloth like cover on top of the plastic with cute boy cartoon designs,thick with fluff,enough gel to soak up fast,so as it can get really soggy - i love a very very soggy diaper, especially if it sags a lot at the back,so lots of fluff so that its as thick as a Tranquility ATN and plenty of gel to soak up fast,feels good even when wet(i like to wander around a lot with a wet diaper,especially if it sags a lot),2 transparent tapes,and cute looking, waistband at back, primary and secondary colour waistbands (as in blue,yellow,green,purple,red,ect), made to make me feel like a baby, tight leg cuffs, leak guards that stick out (those shrilly things that are at edge of diaper), and some design change when I'm wet so i know if the diapers full or not,as in like a cartoon character changes colour? or some things from the design disappear when the diaper reaches near full capacity.with maybe a layer on top of gel that lets me feel when in wet (like some training pants do,like the pee stays there for half a second before soaking in the fluff), ohh i forgot a layer of gel after the fluff,so gel on inside,fluff(plenty of it),and than gel again than the thickish plastic and the cloth cover with desighns on it.


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You all cover most of what i'd mention, except for this:
Wings-- Make the rear wings (the ones with the tapes) stretchy, really stretchy. Like Luvs Bearhug (tm) wings. That is my single biggest gripe.


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Here's another thing that would be cool for the one tape per side disposable diapers - I've not even it on baby diapers, but it would help further to improve fit and form.

The leg elastic would continue all along the back part of the diaper, extending upwards and terminating near the taping point, where the tape tabs are. This way, there would be no gaping even along the sides of the wearer's legs. Kind of like the stretch sides concept, but better I think, as there would still be plastic along the sides to seal in wetness. And there would be more padding in the sides of the diaper to absorb it.

I think the AB/DL community would beat a path down the door of the person or company who designed a true baby diaper for adults.


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Say, for those who like their diaper squishy!!!!, here's a place you can get that usually is put in baby diapers all ready.

Watersorb - Home Page

I'm told the 1 lb will provide enough for about 50 diapers. And you can also put a little food coloring in it and change the color of the whole diaper after it gets wet!

Sounds cool to me.
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Outer cover- a soft, thick plastic, kind of like the rubber gloves used in health care

Color-Blue Pink with prints

Tapes- 3 tapes per wing, resealable is perfered

Filling- more fluff over gel

Inner layer-plain

Capacity and thickness-capacity is not an issue if it can take 1-3 uses, I perfer as thick as a diaper can be

Waistbands, leg gather, and leak guards-no waistband and elastic leg guards/ leg gather

Wings- stretchable wings, front and back

Scent and odor control- Doesn't matter


I would have a pink cloth cover,

2 tapes

it would be an 3 cm thich with half gel half fluff

leg gathers and leak guards


odor control

and that would be my perfect diaper


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Outer cover:All soft Plastic, w/ carebear tape zone. Must Be very very crinkly and loud.

Color:Not sure, because of the carebear print’s I would probably
Prefer white, but it doesn’t have to be. Just:rolleyes:
probably white

Tapes: 3 resealable on each side

Filling:mostly fluff, Because I like the wet feeling

Inner layer: I don’t know what an acquisition layer is. But I’d
Prefer a quilted inner layer that keep’s the fluff flat and not
Clumping, I hate clumping.

Capacity and thickness: for capacity I just want enough to hold one large wetting
Because I only have about an hour to two hours after school to wear.
And I mean a Large wetting because I’ll probably not go pee till
I’m home and diapered. As for thickness, I don’t have much of a preference.
Sometimes I like it pretty thick so I kind of waddle when I walk. Other times I don’t care.

Waistbands: waistband all the way around or at least in the back
leg gathers + leak guards: yes I like it when the fluff or gel will not hold anymore and the
only thing keeping the diaper from leaking is the leg gathers and
leak guards.
Wings: yes on the front and back where the tapes are I still want padding so that
The padding overlaps where the tapes are.

Scent and odor control: Lot's of scent, I love the smell of the baby diaper isle, and I don't mind if you can smell that
scent. Odor control is optional, because I don't mess.
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