Depends pull-up waistband patterns?

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  1. Babyfur
Another weird one, but just a curiosity this time.

Pup's regularly been wearing the Depends "for Men" (and boy-pups) pullups because they're available and fit and all that good stuff (and trying other brands again, he's also reminded he really likes the 'firm' feel of their gel.. now if only they had 4 times more of it!).

So weird observation - "Small/Medium" is close to his size. And for a while those all came with horizontal 'racing stripes' around the waistband. He just opened up the 'you're going to be wearing these for a while, good boy' pack [the one with 30 or so] that he picked up a few months ago, and those have more of a 'checkerboard' waist with vertical stripes. Do any of you 'Diaperspotters' know if this means anything?

Hasn't really been doing a side-by-side, though now wonders if the checkerboarded ones might be a hair thinner [performance seems identical, as in 'remember to trickle and it actually holds a decent bit and won't all run down pup's leg immediately'].

While he's asking, any new developments in pull-up land he should try next? Has some Serenity ATNs when he can really pup out and test them to their 'fullest,' curious if there's anything else out there that he missed.


I would say the abena pullups, what I've heard about them as been relatively good.
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