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Depends Guard for men....

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Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I was looking at the depends guard for men at the store the other day and was wondering if they make for good booster in other diapers preferably for huggies, underjams, goodnites, luvs etc. (since thats the type of diapers i usually tend to buy):D

I figured id ask about it in a forum to see if anyone had any experiences regarding the guards comfort, leakage, absorbency and if they are worth buying for booster or just to wear on the days i don't want a full diaper....:dunno:


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I know about them a bit, I do use them on a daily basis for some very minor issues. Anyway, as for using them as a booster in a diaper, it won't really work due to the fact that they have a waterproof backing. They are good for one thing and one thing only, and that is dealing with minor drip issues. They need to be worn inside of snug fitting underwear, boxer shorts won't work. If you need a booster, the depend boost is what you need.
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