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This might have been asked before, but I can't find it, if it has. I went to pick up some Depends RealFit for men, today, but the store didn't have my size. They did have Depends Underwear for Men in my size.
Has anyone tried both of these? How are they, compared to one another?

Thanks for any help.
i started with real fit for men when my bladder issue first started, I wore them for a month or two before switching to tapped diapers as Imwent from small surges to full floods.

the real fit are more comfortable to wear and fit better then thier underware version the underware seamed to be cheaply made. check another store for real fits.

as long as you only have a slight Ic issue then you woul be fine they do not handle floods as they will leak.
also once you wet you have to change as they feel wet all the time after use.
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