dependeco cloth aio diaoer

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so happy that i have one finaly. my girlfrend who is a furry, was so nice and got me one in the space race print. its so adorable, and so comfortable. its a tiny bit cooler than a disposable. also today i got a safe. its perfect size for regular diapers. if i fold the AIO, it fits nicely with the bottle of powder.
They have nice cloth doublers too. I wear with two and a disposable Bambino Quadro.
oh nice. i have a few snuggies still, there my fave. but my girlfriend got me the cloth all in one diaper, and its so comfy. she suprised me with it at a convention we attended last weekend. i tried it on for her so she could see me in it,granted it was over my under armor, but she said that i looked cute, and i ust kinda stood there blushing lol. i havent used it yet tho, but ive washed it. i might get a doubler for it when i can save up the funds for it. but it shure makes sleeping much better. i cant wait to be home alone so i can try on a snuggie, and have the aio over the snuggie. ive never padded up with 2 diapers before.
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