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I thought I would try these Dependeco`s AIO out and I have to say I really love them ! They feel so snug and comfy , absorbent enough to hold 3 tee tee`s . I love how strong the 4 velcro tabs are , they really hold well . They have some super cute prints to choose from and super quality . I`m all about dino`s these days so that is the print I ordered. They got the Mommy sign of approval ! She`s letting me buy another pair . They cost about what a package of ab/dl diapers cost . I wear every night so this was suppose to be a cost saver. Omg if you wear one of these over a disposable diaper , they feel amazing !!! Found here --------->
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yes, I actually have one of these diapers. Also, I have the baby safari pattern, anything with liens on it and I’ve got to have it. Recently, I realized that using this over a disposable diaper as like a back up to catch leaks is a great use for it. when I go to concerts, I do this with waterproof pencil over it and it’s a great combo.
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I love my DependEcos, though some are due for replacement. They're all over five years old, and a few of them have developed slow leaks around the leg cuffs. That's just how it goes with this stuff, though. No cloth diaper is forever. One of the best things about DependEco is that Monika (the owner) will custom-size the diapers and even use fabrics of your choosing. She's super nice to work with and the construction of the diapers is top notch.