Depend Max with Tabs update - slight improvement to plastic backing


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I like to buy a package or two of plastic backed medical brand diapers to keep tabs (pun intended) on any products changes for good or worse, mostly to see which diapers remain plastic backed. As you know, plastic thickness and crinkliness vary slightly even between batches of the best diapers and every now and then there is an actual improvement as is the case with good old Depend briefs.

With Depend briefs (a.k.a Max Protection with Tabs) reverting back to plastic backing due to popular demand a few years back, you couldn't find these online for less than $20 per 20-pack, at least for my size (S/M) following their disappearance in retail stores. While they still appear to be gone in retail stores, I've noticed the Amazon prices have recently dropped back to normal levels. I.e. you can purchase a 3-pack of 20s (i.e. 60) for $36 at /Depend-Incontinence-Protection-Absorbency-20-Count/dp/B01LTI00Q0

After receiving my recent 3-pack and worn them about 8 times, I've noticed a slight difference (an improvement) in these diapers since my last "test" purchase about 6 months ago.

These new Depend briefs have a THICKER outer white plastic. Its still a matte plastic (not shiny) but a definite improvement. As a result they are much more crinkly-loud than before, even more loud than the plastic Attends poly-briefs. While you may or may not like the increased rustle, the thicker plastic makes their old-style one-time-use tapes MORE refastenable. In comparison, the same product 6 months ago, you really had to scratch the tabs deep with your fingernails to get them to stay stuck so they wouldn't pop off later in the night. As a result, the old tabs could not be refastened throughout the night as the diaper naturally stretches over time -- that is, without ripping the plastic. The newer version's thicker plastic resists tearing during refastening, just make sure you don't run your fingernails too deep on the tapes when first putting them on. In fact a very light fingernail-scratch over each of the tapes is all that is needed.