Defending Against Scams


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Hello folks.

Today, a scammer tried to join our community, and scam members out of real-life money.
Obviously, we banned them immediately.
Still, I want to spend a few minutes teaching ADISCers how to better recognize and deal with scammers.

Here's how to recognize a scammer:
  1. Claims to be a "Mommy": Are they advertising themselves as an ABDL "mommy" or similar? Real women who enjoy playing caretaker to an AB/DL are incredibly rare and will get an overwhelming amount of interest from AB/DL men if they advertise. As such, legitimate ones never advertise, since they never need to. If you see one advertising, that's a very bad sign.
  2. Personal Ads: ADISC is NOT a dating site. Anyone who comes here trying to find a partner either hasn't read our rules, or is choosing to ignore them. Both of those are bad signs.
  3. Female: >90% of AB/DLs are men. AB/DL women are very rare, and tend to be littles. Which means they really don't want men hitting on them. So they often don't even say they're women. The more obvious someone is about being female, especially if not little or AB/DL themselves, the greater the chances are that they are a scammer.
  4. Off-site Communication: One of the first things any scammer or other bad actor does is ask you to contact them via email or some other method outside ADISC. They do this so the moderators can't see them attempt to scam or otherwise mistreat you. Be very skeptical of someone who tries to take their conversation with you to an off-site private channel.
  5. Being Pushy: E.g. asking you to be their baby or do things for them despite having just met you. This is another mark of a scammer.
  6. Asking For Money: Anyone you've met recently on the internet, who then starts asking you for money, is almost certainly a scammer.

If you suspect someone is a scammer, you should report them to us.
  1. On forums, click the 'report' button under their post.
  2. On Discord, message an online moderator.