Dedicated rpg maker mv resources (willing to pay a small amount for it)

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It is2. like the title implies. I'm looking for some dedicated abdl related resources for Rpg Maker MV. I know there are some, (and I mean no offence to the one that made them) but those aren't enough for what I'm looking I think.

I'm willing to pay you something for your time and effort, the amount depending on a) the amount b) the quality.

I really want to make something that people would like, but more importantly, I want to create a story that's abdl related AND is more or less believable...

If you are interested, feel free to drop me a message and we'll discuss the matter further.

Here are some examples of what I'm looking for and just for the record, I know some of these things may already be available. I'm just mentioning them as examples anyway.

Several 'models' of beds which have been peed in. (check)
Toys, bears and other childish things. (partially check?)
Parks with a toys within. (nope.)
Sprites with a pacifier in their mouth. (nope)
Sprites who are (only) wearing a diaper. (nope)
Sprites with a wet pants maybe? (nope)
Diaper trash can. (nope)
High chair (nope)
several models of packs of diapers, ranging from training pants to the 'real' deal.(nope)

If you are able to create scripts that would be awesome as well.

If I'm wrong and these things already exist, then I would really appreciate it if I was pointed in the right direction. Nevertheless, my offer remains if you think you can create quality content for me.

I'm not entirely certain if my topic is allowed, since I'm offering to pay to create content for me. Rest assured that I'm 29 (thirty next week) and that I take full responsibility if I pay for something and it appears that it isn't what I wanted it to be.

However, if my topic isn't allowed, please feel free to delete it or tell me how I can do this the right way.

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