Dealing with Jealously and Staying strong.

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O I am posting this here because I am not sure it fits anywhere else. So I am recently going through something I haven't felt in years I know its no one's fault but my own and I have dealt with it before but for some reason jealous feelings have emerged Once again to make me feel miserable. It creeps in and sets into my brain I try to distract myself but it ends up making me sick at t times. So does anyone have any advice on how to get over it a bit quicker or how to keep a healthy relationship with it idk lol.


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Jealousy is a strong desire to have something but not achieved yet.
Did you want something but you do not get it? there is a possibility it is causing you too jealous.

You must discover the reason of jealous.
What makes the jealous feelings can exist, Usually it happens because of jealousy suspicion, different treatments and also because of we look different way from the facts. To that end, search and find reasons excessively jealous and change the mindset that makes jealousy there.

stop assume, don't ardent strong, forget all problem in the past and just be yourself no matter what and build a good relationship back, because only yourself to change your mind.

may this help you

"jealous is just a lack of self-confidence"
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