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The DC Amor is the all-pink diaper from Diaper Connoisseur (now out of business) usually marketed towards those who want a "girly" diaper.

This is a review of the medium size obtained late April 2015 (pre-release). There is no recommended waist size listed at this time, but it is comparable to other premium diapers. Large will also be available when the diaper is publicly available.

Appearance, Size, and Features

The DC Amor is pink. That's really the best way to sum it up - everything about it is as pink as humanly possible. The plastic is pink with light-pink/white sparkles (not glitter), the front panel is covered in puppies and kitties wearing pink, and a pink flowery pattern runs down the length of the diaper along each leg cuff.



Front and Back of Folded Diaper

Three of the diapers were stacked, pressed down with a heavy object (a PS3), and measured to give an average height. The stack was measured at approximately 9.8 cm, giving an average thickness of about 3.3cm each. My first impression had been that they were thinner than other premium diapers, but in fact, these are plenty thick, even coming close to Bellissimos.


3 Diapers Stacked

The DC Amor has two single-use tapes per side. They are virtually identical to the tapes found on Bambino diapers, with all of the strengths and weaknesses inherent. You can technically remove and re-stick them, but they won't stick as well the second time. Also, definitely rub the tapes after applying them, as the heat and pressure will help them stick a bit better. The one problem I had with these was the bottom left tape ripping on two of the three diapers when they were full to the point of actually leaking. As long as you're not leaving puddles, you should be fine, but it's a black mark on an otherwise near-perfect diaper.


The Tapes

I laid out the diaper and measured its dimensions. These are organized below for simplicity:

Length: 84 cm
Width at center: 23 cm between the elastics, 34 cm from edge-to-edge
Width at wings: 67 cm



Front and Back of Unfolded Diaper

Performance and Fit

In order to measure the capacity of the diaper, I wore it and poured water down the front via a funnel/tubing system 100 mL at a time followed by 30 seconds of sitting accompanying each pour, recording any observations I made and repeating. I concluded the test when the diaper leaked.

The diaper did not leak at all until after 2500mL, giving a max capacity of around 2400mL. This is extremely competitive compared to other top-of-the-line diapers. The diaper was fairly squishy and swelled a very noticeable amount; it would likely cause you to waddle.

When refolded and measured, the diaper had swollen to 10.5 cm, around 3.2 times the dry thickness.


Dry Diaper Next to Full Diaper After Quantitative Test

My waist size is about 28 inches, at the bottom of where I'd expect a medium diaper to fit well. It fit basically exactly how any other medium size diaper does on me - a bit big, but still comfortable to wear.

To test the diaper out in a real life scenario, I wore it for a day until it leaked. I put the diaper on at around 2:30 PM one day and it did not leak until 9:30 AM the next morning. I wet the diaper as often as possible to avoid clumping, so I am unable to provide an accurate estimate of the number/size of wettings.

Obviously the diaper wasn't discreet, though the plastic wasn't as loud as it is on some other diapers. It was definitely noticeably thick, though as I've been used to wearing Bellissimos exclusively when padded for a while now, it wasn't more than normal. The diapers were scented (which I am told will be optional), but it smelled more like a perfume or scented soap/lotion than a "diaper" odor. The scent actually worked perfectly to mask the scent of urine - these created noticeably less odor than any diaper I've used previously.

One issue I had with these aside from the aforementioned ripping tape, which didn't actually affect my wearing at all, was the fact that the pink stuff rubs off on clothing. I had no idea this was an issue until I changed out of the pants I was wearing and they were covered in pink. This is the only issue that I'd really consider "major" - aside from that, these are actually my favorite diapers pretty much ever.


Price and Final Thoughts

I got these diapers from Diaper Connoisseur, where they will soon be available in four separate quantities: $6.49 for a two-diaper sample pack ($3.25/diaper), $26.99 for a single 12 pack ($2.25/diaper), $49.99 for two packs/24 diapers ($2.08/diaper), or $69.99 for a case of 48 ($1.46/diaper).

These are very adorable and girly play diapers and compete with the best diapers currently on the market performance-wise. I absolutely love them and will definitely want to get some more. The two main issues are a potential issue with malfunctioning tapes, which didn't really affect me in practice but deserve a mention, and the pinkness getting on clothes. Just make sure to wear something pink over top if you get some of these!

One last note: apparently the final revision will be about 10% larger by mass in SAP/absorbent material, so it may end up absorbing a bit more and being a bit thicker when publicly released.
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Great Review, thanks :)
Has anyone tried 2017 models of Amor or Idyl? How do they relate to the older Amor?