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I just put in for a second order for another 20 more cases of DC Amor diapers
This has been the best brand I've ever worn, I know some people have had problems with the tapes but that was the old style the new ones seem to hold up a lot better Mean while I have had problems with almost all major brands of adult diapers when it comes to tapes
I did have one bag that seemed to have problems with the tapes all other bags out off 4 cases I've used already seem to be pretty good.
Buy all means, The Dc Amor has been the best diaper I have ever worn.
And the best diaper for fit in the large if you need something closer to a regular fit.
I always seem to be between medium and large size, So for any of you with problem I recommend these in large.
And these diapers will give you a good fit.
20 cases? That ought to hold you for awhile...

But yeah, those are nice. I've sampled quite a few diapers over the last few years, and these win "softest liner of any diaper", no contest. The stuff's like cotton balls.
You didn't think to try some Abu Space diapers? Wow 20 cases. I found the Comficares to hold more than the recent dc amours , and they are an identical cut as are the Bellissiomos.
I agree with you that the DC Amor diapers are really good but 20 cases is a lot, you'll be stocked for while.
Love Dc Amor diapers

Hey thanks for the reply,
I agree its the most soft liner that I've ever worn And you can wet in these things up to 6 times with no leaks. And they do work better than 24/7's witch I have both of Confidry and Dry Care.

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I know those diapers look awesome I just saw them a few days ago I was thanking of trying out Snuggies night time witch look real cute, But they are changing the web site to Tykables from Snuggies and they were not offering the new product.
I just herd of ABU space diapers after I all ready ordered my 20 cases of the DC Amor's witch I still not regret because I really like the product.
But I must say I've used the ABU universe diapers before the Pampers style and the ones that had the cloth style to with out the plastic on the out side.
They were ok but did not hold near as much and leaked.
I've been through about 4 cases.
The plastic in them was great the fit was ok, And they looked real cute.
I just prefer those diapers to be thicker and wider for my fit.
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