Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary for Pink Floyd


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OK, I know there are a lot of you here on ADISC that know this album quite well. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon (originally released March 1, 1973), an absolutely iconic album in rock history.

While I appreciate the music and the impact that Pink Floyd had, apparently the 50th anniversary logo (and now the original cover art as well!) is upsetting some people for being "woke". The anti-'woke' crowd are upset at the band.

What was that line from The Wall? Oh, yeah... "We don't need no education..."
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They can’t be real Pink Floyd fans if they don’t understand the significance of the colors of a prism!

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I'd probably beated up for that... Rainbow has been "stold" by LBGT community like 10 or 15 years ago. Those assholes calling "rainbow is exclusively only for LGBT" is the mayor absurdity in this affair. For these reasons:
- The Dark Side of the Moon has been launched 50 years ago with a spectrum on the front of LP (it had my parents and I remember it,) decades before a rainbow has been taken by LGBT community.
- Spectrum is a natural thing, so in the same way it's not property of PF, nor LGBT community
- PF music is preety critical with the society - is still very actual, so taking something out of concept is very stupid. Is important seeing and knowing the artist, not one LP, CD, youtube...

Anybody who doesn't understand this is because really doesn't know PF music. And personally I call him/her asshole...
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I still have my original, two sided black/white cassette of Dark Side
and while overseas, I attended the benefit concert of the Wall in Berlin featuring Roger Walters and all the stage props from their original wall tour
AnalogRTO said:
What was that line from The Wall? Oh, yeah... "We don't need no education..."
It seems too many people have taken that lyric far to literally.

What's next? Are we gonna try and cancel the earth's weather every time it's rainy and sunny together. My goodness just imagine these fools in the days where cd's reigned.
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Have they clarified if the rainbow was meant to be LGBTQ supportive or if the rainbow is on the cover because…. The original album artwork had a *pause for dramatic effect* rainbow on it!?!!

Cue dramatic music…

People will seriously argue over literally everything on the internet.