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Been a while since I've written any kind of AB story, but I recently felt inspired to give it another shot. I've been trying to explore this side of me in different ways recently to hopefully gain some more understanding on where it fits into my life going forward. Hoping that writing this will help with that. Enjoy!


Part 1

Tensions grew thicker and patience waned as the line at the deli grew longer and longer. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds came together that evening, pointing their collective malicious consciousness towards the seemingly brain-dead customer ahead of them. Children who once held their parents’ hands were now shuffling restlessly around the aisles of the relatively small place of business, while those strapped to strollers or carriages began to fuss for lack of freedom. An elderly woman stood directly behind the tactless man, rhythmically and noticeably tapping her foot while the expected recipient’s cheap earbuds did an above-average job at keeping the rest of the world at bay for a short while.

“I could do turkey and swiss, but I had that last time. I told myself I’d try new things. Maybe roast beef? No, red meat’s too fatty. Maybe if I don’t get cheese? Or a lighter dressing? But those are the best parts..”

The seemingly endless possibilities of what Jacob could combine to what would most likely be a mundane eight-to-ten-dollar dinner raced through his mind like a swarm of angry, but ultimately harmless gnats as the seconds ticked by. Twisting a finger of the currently unoccupied glove in his pocket in an effort to control his anxiety, he tried his best to avert his eyes from the understandably judgmental gaze of the deli-worker across the counter.

“Sir? Excuse me, sir? Are you ready to order yet?” said worker asked, a teenager a few years younger than Daniel, probably in his freshman year at the local college. “There’s a line forming, sir. If you can’t decide, I’ll have to ask you to step aside.”

Daniel could only barely make out what the cashier had said. He knew it was rude to keep the earbuds in when talking with someone, but he felt a barrier from the masses was necessary tonight. Hearing their discomfort would’ve been twice as worse as just feeling it all around him.

“Damn, I’m taking too much time. I can’t step aside now, I’ve wasted so much of his time already. Why did they have to be short staffed tonight? They’re never short staffed at the dinner rush. Great luck. The people behind me are probably pissed. What’s the use of the music anyway? It doesn’t help block their stares. Come on just, just make a decision. It doesn’t matter. Just make a decision. Just-“

“Foot-long turkey and swiss with thousand-island please,” he finally blurted out, barely loud enough for the deli worker to hear. Rolling his eyes, the younger man rang him up, handed him a ticket, and gestured for him to move to the pick-up area. Daniel paid special attention to his shoes as he made his way over there. He’d had enough unfamiliar eye-contact for the evening.
Sighing under his breath, he waited patiently as the rest of the line, relieved, began to move forward and order, slowly filling up the empty space around him in the pick-up area. After about six minutes of uncomfortable crowd-standing, a second disgruntled deli-worker, now dealing with an avalanche of orders, quickly reached over the counter to hand Daniel a brown paper bag. Both members of the exchange immediately turned around, one to get back to work, the other to shuffle back outside into the cold, but less claustrophobic late-winter air.

After looking both ways, Daniel crossed the street towards his apartment building, holding the paper bag between his teeth while slipping his gloves on. The walk only took about a minute total, but the windchill felt like an ice-cold knife across a person’s bare skin at this time of year. In no time at all, the short bundle of jackets and scarves stepped back into his building’s lobby, scurried up the stairs, and caught his breath as the door closed behind him. Sighing once again, this time much more deeply as his shoulders and leg muscles slowly untensed, he stripped off the excess winter-wear until he was back in his usual outfit: a t-shirt two sized two big for him and baggy sweatpants, also known as “pajama pants for the outside world”. Hanging everything up neatly on the coat rack and setting his now wet boots down onto a towel near the door, he walked into the spacious, mostly-empty living room of his two-bedroom apartment and flopped onto the couch face-first, the screen of the laptop on the coffee table in front of him now dark from his absence. Without looking at it, he lifted a hand and brush the trackpad, once again revealing the Word document he had walked away from barely a half an hour earlier.

The sun had just finished setting, but he was already exhausted. He’d woken up early to try a new work-out routine, given up halfway through, and worked through lunch to try and make up for the morning’s failure. After almost ten hours of writing, he’d finally gotten the kinda-sorta somewhat correct feel for the scene he’d been dreaming about the night previously. On one-hand, freelance writing seemed like the perfect occupation for him: most communication was done through email, he could express himself creatively in the privacy of his own home, and most importantly, he barely had to rely on anyone else to get the job done. But he also had deadlines. And those deadlines implied expectations. And expectations, to him, demanded perfection.

“Looks like you survived,” a familiar voice chided from behind him.

Daniel didn’t look up, but groaned in response to his roommate. Alex stood in the doorway to his bedroom, finishing up a bowl of cereal and leaning against the frame. A full head taller and much more defined than his couch-flopped best friend, people often assumed he was much older, when in reality they were only a year apart.

“Yep, definitely alive. Glad to hear it,” he continued, moving over to the kitchen to drop his bowl in the sink. The two sections of the room were separated by a long granite-topped counter, so Daniel was still well within ear-shot. “Happy to see you’re eating, too; looked like you might’ve been dipping under again for a little while.”

“How can you even notice? Skinny just looks like skinny to me,” Daniel responded, pushing himself up from the pillowy mass and setting the laptop back on his lap, beginning the ever-exciting spell-check process. “The deli was super packed today. I should’ve just ordered in.”

“I can tell the difference between a fifteen and a ten-pound weight,” the larger man teased, making his way over to the couch. “And you did great! Think of it as progress. You made it back in one piece.”

“Barely! Never mind the fact that my heart was jumping out of its chest, it’s freezing out there!” he complained, blushing and inching towards the farther side of the couch, not taking his eyes off the screen. He loved Alex like a brother, but personal space was personal space. The two had been joined at the hip since they got paired together as roommates in college, and it only made sense for them to live together post-grad as well. They had leased this apartment for cheap when Daniel was still in senior year, and since Alex had gotten a steady job on campus as an administrator, neither of them had a reason to leave their college town.

“Two disasters miraculously survived by the invincible Iron Daniel” Alex announced dramatically, raising a fist in the air for emphasis. “Come on, man, little victories. And the music helped again, right?”

“Again, barely. But…yeah, it did help,” Daniel admitted, looking over at one of his only friends. “Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I just need better headphones.”

“See? Maybe after you make bank from this next commission, right?” Alex said with a smile, leaning over to look at the computer screen. “How far have you gotten? What’s the good word?”

“Hey, not until it’s done!” Daniel snapped as he lifted his work away from prying eyes.

“Come ooon, not one little peak?” Alex begged, a wicked grin flashing across his face as he flexed his fingers, targeting Daniel’s now open armpits.

“Alex!” the smaller man exclaimed, suddenly dropping his arms and holding out a hand in front of him defensively. His face was beet-red, but his eyes were in a full on glare, and his breathing suddenly upped its pacing. Realizing his mistake, Alex retracted his arms and put them up in a surrendered pose, trying to defuse the tension.

“Oh! Shit, Daniel, my bad!” his larger friend rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed. “I’m sorry…sometimes it’s easy to forget, ya know?”

“Did you use your eyes? Your ears, maybe?” Daniel started to catch his breath, setting the laptop aside and resting his face in his hands for a moment. This type of mix-up wasn’t ideal for him, but he recognized it wasn’t ideal for anyone else either. “No, never mind. I’m sorry too. Just…we’re different people, okay? He’s him and I’m me. And I like being me while I can be.”

“Totally understandable, I got carried away,” Alex stood up and moved back to the kitchen, opening the fridge. “You want a beer? Might help you relax.”

“Wish I could. Doctor said I shouldn’t mix the new meds with alcohol.” The tension steadily draining from the room, Daniel grabbed the brown paper bag from the coffee table and started opening his usual sandwich. “Look, Alex, I appreciate everything you do for me. You know that, right? Without you and Meg, I don’t know what I’d-“

“Don’t worry about it, man. I know. We know,” he reassured while opening a beer for himself. “We help you out because we want to, not because we have to. And we like both of you, alright? In very different ways, but we do.”

“Wish I could say the same…” Daniel sighed, munching. Average, as per usual. “But thank you, it’s reassuring to hear.”

Alex smiled, grabbing a water bottle and rejoining his friend back on the couch. “Let’s hope these meds stick this time around, huh?” He said as he handed off the water and offered a clink.

“I’ll drink to that! Soberly,” Daniel joked. Alex picked up a controller from the coffee table and started booting up his game system while Daniel multitasked his editing and his dinner. He didn’t mind the noise, if it was kept low, and he found the noises of another person’s company relaxing. Daniel had always been socially anxious and agoraphobic, but his fears fluctuated over the years. Alex had happened to catch him on one of his good years, when he’d tried to reinvent himself in college. A good year was never a great year- he still stayed shut up in his dorm constantly, only leaving for necessary reasons like going to class or getting food- but he felt confident enough to make a friend, and one who stuck. Alex was more of a socialite, although most people could be considered socialites compared to Daniel. He liked to go to parties occasionally, meet new people, try new things, etc.- but he never seemed to feel stuck or bothered when he hung out with Daniel, which he always appreciated. Even though he was afraid of everyone around him, Daniel was thankful that he had two friends that he could be comfortable being himself around: Alex and Meg.

The two roommates kept hanging out for another hour or so, quietly enjoying each other’s company, when suddenly two knocks rang through the room, followed by a long pause, then another two knocks. Meg had been the one to suggest the secret knock; that way, she said, Daniel wouldn’t have a heart attack any time one of them was at the door.

“Daniel, could you get that? I’m in a match,” Alex asked, heavily invested in whatever shoot-out was bound to break out at any moment.

“Fine. Better not lose,” he joked, tossing the bag full of sandwich remnants in the trash on his way to the door. Undoing four different latches and locks, he opened the door to be greeted by a woman about Alex’s size, a few years older than the both, with shoulder length brown hair and sharp brown eyes to match. She quickly shuffled inside, Daniel just as quickly securing the door behind her, and tossed her navy-blue fleeced winter coat on a nearby armchair.

“Have you guys been in the hallway today? Absolutely freezing!” She exclaimed, rubbing her hands together in an exaggerated fashion. “Sanderson better get his ass on that. I shouldn’t have to bundle up to walk up three flights of stairs!”

“Meg, really? The coat hanger’s right here,” Daniel complained, picking up her jacket and hastily folding it. “I put it here for a reason you know!”

“Ahh Daniel, always so tidy,” Meg chided, waltzing in and sitting down next to Alex. “Ahhh, video games! I remember when I had time for these! What’re you shooting this time, nazi’s? Aliens?”

“Close. Alien nazis,” Alex joked dryly, eyes and hands focused on the game in front of him.

“Not that you’re intruding or anything, Meg, but what are you doing here? We made plans for tomorrow night, remember?” Daniel asked, flopping on the armchair where Meg had thrown her coat before. The third group-member reclined in her seat on the sofa, absentmindedly watching Alex’s gameplay and avoiding eye-contact with the questioner.

“Was that tomorrow night? I thought it was tonight, silly me,” she mentioned casually, obviously lying. Well, obvious to them at least. Daniel had gotten used to her suddenly dropping in on nights when he’d try new medications. The three had met at the very start of Daniel’s episodes, near the end of his freshman year. While the two boys were still underclassmen, Meg was a graduate student studying psychology and pharmaceutical science. Needless to say she quickly took a liking to Daniel’s unique condition; after all, she was one of the few who found out while it was all new and confusing, so her thesis was guaranteed to be totally original.

The three had formed a special kind of bond over the years, one that could only have been formed under the very specific, stressful, and vulnerable circumstances Daniel’s episodes could put people under. Meg in particular didn’t necessarily have to be friends with either of them, but she did, and just like with Alex, Daniel was very thankful for that. She was a reliable friend to have. Where Alex was a peacekeeper, Meg was a problem-solver; she liked to act when things needed to be done rather than dance around an issue. Her “in your face” attitude seemed to turn a lot of people away, especially the people in her class, but she found comfort being able to be herself more fully around the two confused college kids she’d started to spend more time with all those years ago. Now, having taken a research position on campus, similar to Alex, she had no real reason to move out of her cheap one-bedroom college apartment, in the same building as the other two musketeers.

“Really? You mixed up the dates?”

“Of course! I’m real busy, you know. Reports to write, papers to sign, all that stuff,” She defended, waving her hand dismissively. “Anyways, I’m here now, and I’ll be here tomorrow. Wait…have you been drinking?”

Alex had gotten up to get a second beer in between matches a little while ago. Meg picked up one of the bottles and peeked into it. “You drank beer with your medication? Are you that stupid?”

“No! Oh my God, no,” Daniel sat up in the armchair defensively. “Those are both Alex’s!”

“Oh, really? Come on, lemme smell your breath,” She demanded, walking over to her patient/research subject/socially anxious friend.

“H-hey easy, easy!” Daniel hopped up and sat on the back of the chair, retreating to a safe distance. “Boundaries, please! I swear I’m telling the truth…Alex did offer me one though.”

Meg kept her eyes locked on Daniel for a few moments before switching targets. “Seriously Alex? Is it so hard to keep track of his medication schedule? What if he’d said yes?”

“I’m sorry! I messed up but, come on, Daniel wouldn’t do that,” Alex noted in his defense. “He obviously wouldn’t compromise a potential cure.”

Meg, somewhat satisfied, dropped back onto the couch with a sigh, “It’s not always ‘obvious’, Captain Obvious. Remember your twenty-second birthday? Huh?”

“Come on, that was a celebration! Can’t blame him for that, can you?”

“I most certainly can! You have to keep a watchful eye just in case, okay? You never know with him.”

“Guys?” Daniel chimed in, slinking down back to a normal sitting position. “Could you not talk about me like that? I’m right here in the room.”

“Sorry Dann- eh, Daniel,” Meg said, rubbing her temples. “Of course, I trust you guys, but I also have to worry. I’m a worry-truster.”

“You can’t just make something up to explain your conflicting feelings!” Daniel exclaimed, chuckling beside himself. “Thank you for worrying, at least. Good to know someone knows my med-schedule.”

“Hey, the only person who needs to- ahhh son of a bitch.” Alex let the controller slide out of his hands, replacing it with his face. “That’s it, no more games tonight. I’m done being terrible at things.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, you’re great at being terrible,” Meg joked, elbowing him goadingly. The three laughed it off, Alex and Meg getting into a mock fist fight. It was the kind of joke that only three friends could stupidly enjoy late at night together. There was an exchange of fake blows, a few exaggerated wrestling moves thrown in, the fake pile driver getting Daniel the hardest. His laughs turned into full-blown wheezes. Suddenly, said wheezes cut off altogether. The two on the couch continued to their game until they realized they were the only two left laughing, both of their faces quickly shooting over to Daniel.

Meg and Alex remained quiet for a few long, drawn out seconds, almost afraid that any movement or noise could affect the outcome of whatever this was. Their smaller friend remained seated on the armchair, his arms know wrapped around his legs, staring off into the distance, eyes wide and blank. Finally, one of them broke the silence.

“Uh, Daniel? You okay there bud?” Alex asked, trying to hide the worry in his voice.

Daniel sat motionless for a few more seconds, not registering what had just been said. Ten seconds. Twenty seconds. And finally, the boy blinked a few times, the light returning to his eyes. A smile crept across his face and a giggle escaped his lips as he began to rock back and forth a little on his backside. His thumb soon made its way into his mouth, and he sucked on it gratefully.
His two friends on the couch gave each other a knowing look; one of disappointment, but not one of surprise. They had been through this before, many times, but it was almost never on the first day of new meds.

“Well, at least we know these ones are bust,” Meg said with a sigh, patting Alex on the back. “Now we can try something new, right?”

“I guess you’re right, but…you know, you get your hopes up and everything. I knew Daniel really wanted it to work this time,” Alex vented, scratching the back of his head. Suddenly, the sounds of a very fussy roommate/best friend/research project/little man hit their ears, and the two almost instantly transformed.

“Right, right, we’re coming Danny,” Alex cooed as he got off the couch to comfort his infantile best friend, who was on the verge of crying for lack of attention. The larger man picked Danny up almost effortlessly, letting him rest his head on his shoulder as he rubbed his back soothingly. “Bubby’s here, I gotcha.”

Danny quickly settled down upon being held, going right back to giggling and thumb sucking as he’d been before. The once socially anxious, space-obsessed young man had seemingly disappeared, as this boyish persona replacement snuggled up in his Bubby’s arms, his messy hair nuzzling his neck.

“My, someone’s cuddly tonight!” Meg said, bouncing up after Alex and joining the two of them on the other side of the room. She playfully tapped the boy’s nose, getting a squeal of delight in response. “Guess someone just couldn’t stay away, now could they?”

“We better get him dressed quickly! He was drinking a lot of water before,” Alex noted, handing him off to Meg, who handled him with an equally practiced care. “There’re some supplies under the couch, I’ll get his stuff out of the closet.”

“May-may…may-may!” Danny squeaked out, his thumb inhibiting his speech as he tugged his older friend’s shirt. “Diapew?”

“Not yet sweetie, but soon, just hold a little longer, kay?” his May-may cooed, giving his head some kisses. “No worries Alex, I’ll take care of it.”

While Alex stepped away to set the living room up the way it was for Danny’s arrivals, Meg set Danny down on the couch on his back, the regressed young man kicking his legs lightly in the air. She hummed a bit to herself as she pulled the large black diaper bag out from under the couch. “Just a liiiittle longer baby. Who’s a good boy?” She unzipped the usually out-of-sight bag to reveal Danny’s changing supplies, which included a mostly-full pack of adult sized, baby-print diapers, this one in particular adorned with sleepy looking moons and cartoonish rocket ships. Daniel had hated this particular brand, saying he looked ridiculous when he switched back, but Danny would wail if he was put into anything less age-appropriate.

“Wow, look at this one sweetie! Isn’t this…uh-oh,” Meg blurted out, quickly sitting up from the couch.

“Meg? Everything okay?” Alex called out as he made his way back into the room, wheeling out a folded up version of what looked to be a custom-designed wooden crib. “Why are you looking- oh jeez…”

Danny looked up at his Bubby and May-may, his head cocked slightly to the side while he rhythmically suckled his thumb. He only noticed the wetness dripping down his pants and underwear after a few moments, having left a heavy stain on the couch cushion beneath him. “Ut-oh…sowwee…”

“Aww, watchu sorry for buddy?” Alex asked, shaking it off and smiling as he approached the boy. He got down on his knees and started lightly tickling his friend under his armpits. “Someone have a little ackie, did they? Not your fault, buddy, you’re not big enough for those pants anyway.”

Meg sighed once again and smiled beside herself, unable to stay alarmed with that sweet giggling ringing through the air. “Come on, Bubby, the couch’s wet enough. You know tickles make the trickles!”

“Okay, okay, ceasefire! We got a truce, for now, little man,” Alex joked, holstering his tickling fingers like a cowboy. The tension dissipated, the two caretakers got to work, Alex taking the wet couch cushion and big boy pants off to be washed, and Meg finishing up the diaper change on the carpeted floor instead. She made sure to indulge little Danny as much as possible, blowing on his tummy and tickling his nose with a baby wipe. The little bundle of regression lived for this stuff, barely fussing at all while Meg wrapped the night-time diaper around his hairless crotch and waist.

Once again, Daniel had initially objected heavily to this, but the group eventually agreed it made sudden diaper changes much easier, and it could always grow back if he wanted it to. Once properly padded, Danny sat on his May-may’s lap and cuddled as his Bubby finished setting up his crib, locking the wheels into place and making sure the walls were secure. He then made a second trip into Daniel’s bedroom to get the rest of Danny’s things to fill the unoccupied crib space: sheets adorned with baby animals, soft fuzzy blankets, plenty of stuffies, and at last one of his many sleepers, ones that were usually stored far, far back in Daniel’s wardrobe.

Danny let out a yawn as he rested his head on May-may’s shoulder, curled up into a little crinkly ball as his beloved thumb with swiftly replaced with an adult-sized blue pacifier from the diaper bag. “Aww, someone’s tuckered out. Time for night-night, sweet-pea,” Meg cooed quietly, taking the alphabet-patterned footed pink sleeper from Alex. The two of them gently helped Danny into his pajamas, zipping him up from the back all the way up to his neck. Danny could barely keep his eyes open as he suckled the therapeutic rubber nipple, weakly clutching Meg’s shirt before being handed off to his Bubby. Alex laid him in the carefully set-up crib and tucked him in, handing him a large stuffed elephant which he gladly accepted.

“Ni-ni Bubby…ni-ni May-may…” Danny yawned behind his pacifier, having reached of mental, emotional, and muscular relaxation beyond Daniel’s wildest dreams. “Luh you…”

“Luh you too buddy. Night night,” Alex whispered, Meg blowing a kiss from behind. Danny was out like a light moments later, as blissful as an actual infant.

“It never gets any easier, seeing him like this,” Alex admitted, securing the last wall of his crib from the outside. “I love the both of them, but when I think of how this makes Daniel feel…” Meg laid a hand on Alex’s shoulder, walking him back towards his room.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry the medicine failed again,” Meg said comfortingly. “It’s a difficult process. Remember, these episodes are entirely unique to Danny, at least the kind of regression to this extent. Daniel may not like it, but we need to be there for them both. Fully. They need us.”

“You’re right…I can’t just write Danny out of the equation,” Alex conceded, looking back at his regressed friend in the giant crib. “I just wish we’d start seeing results already.”

“Patience, Bubby. That’s the name of the game. I’ll talk to Dr. Morrison tomorrow and see what we can try next. In the mean-time, it’s getting late. I’ll sleep in Daniel’s room tonight, just in case.”

“You don’t have to do that Meg, you know I-“

“You’ve got him, I know. I’m a worry-truster, remember?” She chided, patting him on the back. “Just in case. Night, Bubby.”

“Alright, alright…night, May-may,” Alex yawned, smiling back at his trusted partner in caretaking as they made their way towards their respective bedrooms. Four unlikely friends with three bodies between them, sleeping under the same roof, bonded by curiosity and genuine, unforgiving love.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
So cute ! Poor Daniel he wish to be a big boy but in the end he needs his Danny time !!!