Dafaq did I just watch? (ABDL reference on Youtube)

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You know these situations casually browsing YouTube while things get weirder and weirder without you noticing and when you hit the deepest pit down the dark side of our beloved video platform, you snap back into reality and cringe at the sight of something you just saw: Yourself.
No seriously, I thought I was just watching a nice song from Schmoyoho and suddenly a funny reference to US pops up. No need to explain further, just see for yourself
(don't skip the extro, there a few seconds more after it)
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I don't see the point in adding the in there for no reason....


Even though it was an over the top costume I actually think he looked pretty cute, especially that bib
I think they overdid it so everyone can recognize what his costume was all about, aaaand to exaggerate the effect of the joke they were pulling there (abdl costume vs 'reading a book on a party')
Herp de derp. herp de derp. Hepee derp derp derp derp derp derp. It was like watching a biography of my social life.
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