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Has anyone used a dadious diaper? I've never heard of them until just now surfing through Amazon. They seem a little lower quality but they have interesting and pretty cute designs. Would love to hear about anyones experience 😊


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So all in all I am rather pleased with them. They seem to fit a lot more fitted than most of the plastic pants I have tried (they don’t seem excessively baggy). For some, that may not work well. But I prefer wearing over underwear and not bulky cloth diapers.

The print is cute, clear and vibrant. The plastic does seem a little thin - but for the price, to be expected. I feel like the stitching on the seams is maybe going to be a problem point, but I don’t plan on machine washing.

Interestingly, the tag says “[email protected]” on the back.

I tried both small and medium and both were comfortable. The small did not leak laying down but the medium did leak sitting down. Not terrible; but again this is not using anything very absorbent. I find it interesting both sizes fit as well as they did. Typically the smalls will cut into my legs, but these did not.

If I order more, it would probably be smalls.... 32-34” waist/hip area, 145lbs, 5’7” roughly.
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