Cystoscopy tomorrow nervous what should I expect?

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So I'm 25 Male and I have always had issues with my bladder between bedwetting and frequency both day and night (Around 20 trips a day). I had a test with an ultra sound and a machine that measures your flow. Well sad to say the least I have been having a weak stream randomly throughout the day. I have also lose urine unintentionally especially at the gym. Not wanting to but I have been wearing diapers during the daytime as well especially at work. I had recent episodes where I was at a friends house and making multiple trips to the bathroom then finding out my boxers are pretty damp. I'm scheduled for a cystoscopy tomorrow. What should I expect? I'm nervous and embarrassed to say the least. Is it painful? I looked up the definition on Web MD but they only say so much
I had a cystoscopy back in november so I can give a rough idea of the procedure
you get changed into a gown an they make you empty your bladder as much as possible prior to the procedure
go into the operating theatre and lay down on the table
they pull back the foreskin and hold it in place with something sort of similiar to a bandaid
they take a needleless syringe full of lidocaine and inject it into the urethra this does sting and it is uncomfortable
they wait for the anaesthetic to take effect and either numb the area or lessen the pain
the camera is inserted (I do not advise looking down at any point I made the mistake of doing so as they got the camera out and lord does it look scary)
you feel the camera and might experience pain (I did) the big thing is when they enter the bladder itself it is the most uncomfortable and painful part of the procedure (at least it was for me)
once the camera is within the bladder they will pump in water to stretch it slightly this is very uncomfortable and makes you feel like you need to pee (once again I did)
they look around and withdraw it operation over they let you get up and go to the bathroom since your bladder is now full of sterile water
In my case they did not find anything so I have no idea what it would be like if they did and I was lucky enough to have no aftereffects although those are apparently common
Thanks for the heads up Saix! I was given two weeks of Rapaflow first to try it didn't work for beans lol
hopefully the procedure goes smoothly for you
after my cystoscopy I was told to go to the bathroom and then get dressed.I went into the bathroom with my clothing emptied my bladder as much as possible which was barely anything then proceeded to get dressed as I was finishing getting dressed my bladder decided that was a great time to empty itself all over me. very embarassing especially having to explain that to a nurse so dont make the same mistake I did
I sure hope it goes smooth! A little awkward wearing diapers though to a urologist but I will afterward in case
if anyone has seen diapers before its a urologist lol
once again mine went fine for the most part at no point was the pain worse than what youd feel during a blood test
I had no side effects except for some slight bruising however people have talked of pain and slight bleeding
just remember DONT LOOK UP VIDEOS and dont look down during it you should be fine
please do let us know how it goes
I will thanks again
I had one similar to saix a few months ago. Only thing was they didn't have me lay on a bed, it was just a special chair & I was sitting while they did the injections and the camera. The doctor was able to be seated on a stool next to me while he did the procedure and there was a pad under me. After the procedure, the nurse/assistant helped me put on a clean disposable diaper and I got dressed. Took about 20-30 minutes if I remember. Not sure what they found/didn't find. I didn't find it painful, however it was "uncomfortable".
Well I dodged the bullet somehow for the cystoscopy. The doc said in his words, I'm sparing you the test for now... That probably means in the future I might have to actually get it done *GASP* lol. He had tried me on RapaFlo for a couple of weeks because of a weak stream now he wants to see if Vesicare works. wants me to call the office to say yay or nay on the pills when i'm down to the last 3 docs exact words. So I guess if this doesn't work the inevitable will be here...Have you guys ever tried it? He gave me a sample for 3 weeks. WIN_20150424_113740.JPG
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