Cut or Uncut?

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What do you prefer? xD I'm cut, and I love it! It's good to do autofellatio and masturbate into a diaper because the glans of the penis could be rubbed more easily and gives a more intense orgasm.
Erm... preference is meaningless. There's no basis for comparing the sensations of masturbating with or without a foreskin unless you have gotten cut as an adult, and who does that? How do you know it gives a more intense orgasm? I wasn't aware that there was any basis for measuring such things.

Honestly, a meaningful study of this would require a whole bunch of people who weren't cut as infants to agree to be cut as adults, then document the intensity of their orgasms before and after. I can't see that happening.

EDIT: Leaving aside the fact that only a tiny minority of males can perform autofellatio at all, how the hell do you do it while wearing a nappy?
Basically everything that Akastus said.

I'm uncut, and I have no plans for any male children that I have to be circumcised.
I dont want to get into - or start a discussion about the mutilation of infants for non-medical reasons so I'll keep my personal opinion about "american style preventative maintenance" or religion to myself. All I can say is that I have been part-circumsized as a child because of phimosis and I wish it had been different.
Riiiight. You're talking about penile circumcision? I couldn't figure it out from the first post!

Ouch! Absolutely no way I'd want my most sensitive bits mutilated out of some weird religious obsession with genitalia!

I can't imagine how much sensitivity you must lose in the glans. I'm so glad I'm not Jewish!
I ain't Jewish but the doctor convinced my mother that I'd "play with it" if I wasn't cut so I was mutilated as an infant. The operation was botched as they took too much skin leaving a large scar tissue band encompassing half the length of my erect penis and while erect the hair covered skin from my groin tents halfway up my shaft rolling up condoms. Thankfully I can still enjoy sex in many was as humans adapt and being straight there are few other males I have compared to so my "junk" may not be so different from other "cut" men. Still I get angry over not having a choice and never knowing what it might be like to be a natural uncut man.
Oh yea! and I've "played with it" a lot since I was very young so Dr. Smartypants was WRONG!
I'm cut. Don't know any different. Other half seems to prefer it so not going to argue.

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I was circumcised when I was 2 for medical reasons. I don't know any different so I can't say I have a preference.
I was cut in infancy, the 'preferred' arrangement in my country at that time for 'cleanliness' reasons. In maturity I rather wished that my parents, who subscribed to the medical 'best practice' of the time, had been a little less conformist. Some of our neighbours were much less enthusiastic about the norms of the day, so as a kid I found the sight of their uncut offspring rather a turn-on, especially if their elongated 'spouts' caused them to splash haphazardly all over the place. Being cut has certainly not affected my sexual pleasures, and the long single stream is easy to direct.
I'm uncut. After being in a relationship with someone who was cut I can't imagine what that would be like. I find it easier to masturbate because I don't have to use lube.
My thing inside my diaper was circumcised.
Yes, it still works correctly to make adult male secret pee-pee.
Yes, I admit to touching it to "feel good" sometimes.

caitianx said:
My thing inside my diaper was circumcised.
Yes, it still works correctly to make adult male secret pee-pee.
Yes, I admit to touching it to "feel good" sometimes.

Ditto and yes I am Jewish Christian, So yes I was circmsised.:blushie:
I was born in Christian family, but I have not been circumcised. I do not know, but there are some people who are circumcised for health matters.
I'm cut, but I wish I wasn't. I dislike the fact that my parents made a decision for me before I could decide for myself.
I'm uncut and very happy my parents didn't make that decision for me.
I'm "uncut", circumcision isn't too common in Australia.
I'm "uncut" but it will be gone soon<3
I'm cut and been that way 76 years. Do like the looks of the uncut ones.
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