Crinklz Diapers - 60 diapers for $120 CAN dollars


I just placed an order wIth Rearz they are indeed having a sale they have 15% off that shows up automatically in the shopping cart so my Crinklz aquanauts ended up being $127.50 per case and the Betterdry Diapers 123.25 per case.

I normally have my diapers shipped via canada post to my flex delivery address but Rearz charges for canada post and free for courier shipment guessing UPS will discount the shipment price for multiple boxs going to the same address wenere canada posts treats each box as a separate shipment.

Glad I was able to get the discounted price but disappointed I had to miss the warehouse sale as I am fighting a flu like bug.

Oh well at least I will be well stocked again for a while as I ordered 10 cases of diapers should be fun trying to pack 10 cases in the cross trek picked up 6 cases last time with no issues and had room to spare