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I care much more about quality then price. So who makes the best crib and changing table on the market? I am looking for quality furniture that will last for a long time.
I have seen ones made by individuals that are well made but I can't think of any that I really like from companies for purchase. The individual crafters tend to be ABDLs and don't do it as a business. As such, they're not so reliable. I think the best bet is unfortunately the most unpleasant: contact a local person or business that does custom furniture and explain what you want and see if they'll do it for you for a reasonable price.
I found this link online I haven't seen their products.

I saw one on eBay once. Beautifully crafted. I was very tempted but it would have been totally impractical.

Good luck in your quest and please report back.

Kind regards MWHE
Here is how I approached building my crib. I visited a lot of online bedding stores and found a headboard that looked good. I then ordered 2 headboards. Then you need to find the locking side mattress supports. These I had to get elsewhere because I am over 6ft tall and needed a very long crib. Next, a mattress. Finally, the hardest part is the crib rail. That I made from maple 3/4 x 1-1/2" rounded over on one side. And 3/8" dowel to make 19 slats per rail. Once you start a project like this you become possessed to see it through. Hard to describe any other way. And as noted the parts to complete the crib rail slide and latch can be found here:
You could have craftsman just make the drop rails and put the rest together just like I did.
I would love to have a changing table at my house someday but for now that's unrealistic :-(
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