Creatures of the night. update and question

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I know this was posted in 2014 but hey I want to give it a new spin. Especially since that post never got off ground.

I am thinking about being a night person because I want to attend late night concerts and all things EDM. I love the Kandi Kid culture and I consider myself an AB Kandi Kid. I know that is a weird combination but I hate hiding my pacifier. To be honest I could care less what people think. The only reason I don't use my Paci out in the open is because I want to be respectful and lets face it; it can cause confrontation with idiots.

So with that perk (which is nice) are there any others I should add to the pros and cons. Anything negative I should weigh my decision on?
I myself am a "Night Owl" as an older Autistic person.
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