Crazy Night Watching CCR Concert and casino.

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Yep it was Clearwater Revisited. A few Member was not there. But it was great. What I did because I was driving 100+ Miles was Double diaper with a Insert

First Diaper was a Total dry X plus and Quadro which also smells like my mom Perfume. So hiding that smell was easy. Then I Put on a second X plus diaper on for later. (No cut or slits.) I had both on just so I don't have to carry another diaper in to the casino.

I almost went for 2 Pull ups. But I would of had to deal with leaking and going to the bathroom once in a while. Then have to change pull up before leaving.

So on the road I wet once. Then again at the Casino. Went to the bathroom pull the insert out. Then went again. I could of chanced another one but I did not want to have any spots so I pull the Inner diaper off. Then Won $450.00 at slots. I only spent $60 and came home with $320.00

While watching the CCR concert I wet again. Then headed home 100 mile ride and wet again. Then changed at home. WOO HOO.
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