Couple questions on diapers?

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So I haven't had the chance to test out a large majority of diapers. Mainly the following
Tena Ultra S/P
Depends max with tabs

What I don't like is after wearing the diapers for more then an hour (when wet) or when dry more then a few hours, the padding moves and clumps up in the rear of the diaper. I can't stand that! I feel like im wasting diapers all the time!

Anyone know any good diapers with good absorbency--plastic backing preferred but cloth is ok--that would not do this? I just ordered a pack of Wellness Absorbent Underwear w/ NASA Technology and a pack of Tranquility ATN (All-through-the-Night) Fitted Briefs to see how well they work. So far the best ive had was the depends max protection with tabs. Anyone have advice?

P.S:im the USA if that matters.
Plenty of diapers usually clump, it's hard to prevent that, just smooth it back to normal with your hand (or course of the outside) or shake the diaper with some of the cotton that is left standing. Some diapers that don't clump is depends max protection as you already said but it can be tricky to physically find one that does not clump whatsoever. I wore M4's and they only clumped after a few major wettings. It's best to wear diapers snug so you don't exactly run into this problem. If it's too big and you constantly move, it's probably going to clump on you and as you said that you waste a diaper, you don't necessarily waste it, it's just that the cotton has shifted and it is fixable. It does not change the absorbency rate if it moves, it's just at a different spot and since it's plastic backed, the urine will just slosh into the cotton when it hits direct contact.

Some good ones are Abena's along with Dry 24/7's as the layer inside is tight around the cotton keeping it in place (They do clump but not as quickly as most other diapers.)
Thank you both. I figured it wasnt completely avoidable but I'll look into your suggestions!
UnSeenWant said:
Thank you both. I figured it wasnt completely avoidable but I'll look into your suggestions!

I second the Northshore ones. They're really good. Basically identical to the Abenas (M4 L4). To me the Northshore has better wicking & spreading wetness around than the Abenas. The Abenas also clump easier on me when wet (after awhile anyway). Haven't had too many problems with that with the Northshores. But as already said, after time & physical activity all will eventually clump
Bellissimo's (or really any of the bambinos) and dry 24/7 don't clump up from what I've experienced with both of them.

the northshore brand of diapers did clump up on me, but I was walking around a lot at six flags. Though I didn't wet it at all.
wear tight underwear over your diapers helps to keep them from clumping.
putting in stuffers/boosters helps also.
You're using diapers that are of a cheaper standard and have wafer-thin layers of padding inside. Those are more prone to the padding actually separating and falling apart over time. Use premium diapers with thicker padding to avoid this, like Molicare Super Plus, Abena M4s, Dry 24/7s or Bambinos. These are much higher quality and will last longer.
Wellness Briefs have a very slim and unique feel, even when wet, and avoid clumping. Like others haves said, it 's probably unavoidable to some extent. They've been changing them recently so I haven't tried the most recent ones though.

I haven't tried the Northshore care ones. But Abenas don't clump too badly just because of the sheer amount of absorption they have. But if worn for a while and wetted a good amount they can clump up.
Generally speaking, the more sap the less clump when dry. I have gone through a pretty large variety of diapers and I wear 24/7, dry during the day and usually wet at night, so I have a pretty well-rounded experience, for diapers available in the USA anyway.

NorthShore are probably the best for not clumping when dry. Comficare would be next, followed by the bambino-style (including fabine)
I can typically wear a NS diaper all day without significant clumping or shifting. By that point the tapes are usually breaking though, probably due to lack of front or rear elastic.
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