couple of questions

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  1. Diaper Lover
What is a good brand of disposable plastic-backed diapers? I know that the clothlike texture is more discrete/better but it's just my preference for some reason.

Also why does the majority of ADISC like diapers with tapes? Isn't it easier to just use pull-up style diapers? (again pull-up is just my preference but I still would like to know what you guys have to say... maybe I'll try something new)


Good brands: I think people would say, Bambino, Abena, Molicare are among the best (though I've tried none of those yet).

Nappies with tapes: People sometimes prefer these because they can be worn more snuggly, with a better fit suited to your shape. This can make them less likely to leak and can feel comforting, almost like a hug! There is also the practical element that they can be changed without removing trousers etc. Some people prefer nappies with tapes because they remind them of being a baby themselves and this can also be ones of the reasons why some people prefer plastic-backed nappies, because they had plastic backed nappies themselves, as a baby. There are many other reasons why lots of people here also prefer plastic-backed. Most of those reasons are to do with practicality and performance. If you're interested, there's a thread discussing that here:
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