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Today was the first day of my drill week this month. I was sent inside with 5 other people to finish up the last of our paperwork and to make sure it is correct. During that time, I felt both happy and sad about it. Happy that I can progress in life and have something going for myself. I can have the chance of moving away from my parents who've made my life a somewhat living hell in a time where I was trying to find myself as a person and as a human. The same people who wanted me to do what they wanted me to be. The same people who've attacked my character and flipped out on me over VERY minor things like the weather.

The only parts that make me sad is losing the chance to speak with my CG and all of the kind folks here. Despite me being on here for 5 months now, It feels like i've known you guys for years. Issac and what was once r/TBDL helped me validate these emotions that I've had when I entered littlespace and did T/ABDL activities. You guys also helped me with these emotions aswell and I thank you guys for that.