Could this make bed pads better?


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I had my reusable shift out from under me this morning when sick and to tired to get up and change. I had soaked the bed & blankets as well as a body pillow. I was thinking what if you lay one of the rubber gripers for rugs under the pad. Would it be harder for the pad too shift out from under me if it it had a grip pad between it and the bed. Then I started thinking could it stop a disposable chuck pad from bunching as well? Would it need to be attached to the pad?

If it does stop it or makes it not as easy to shift then I had another Idea. If it worked.... Then a incontinent company could make a rubber pad like listed below with Velcro loops on one side and then make bed pads with the Velcro hooks on the other. Then throw out the cheap bed pad when wet and reattach another to the lightweight water proof rubber matt backing that you keep. It would make the matt thicker like a reusable and less likely to fold up and then less likely to slide.

I know I am not the only one that has a problem wit bed pads staying in place. Do you think I have a good Idea?

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