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About two weekends ago, I had a very good friend visit me (I have moved out of state for college) and I decided to come out as a diaper lover to her, knowing that she is accepting and loving. She was both those, as well as being interested in this as well. She put on one of my diapers, but didn't use it at the time.
Today as we were using FaceTime to chat, she mentioned that there was something that she wanted to show me. I figured it would be a piece of artwork that she made, but instead, it was an opened pack of girls goodnites with a few diaper missing. She said "these look familiar?" Jokingly. I said "haha, yeah! Why do you have those?" She then stood up in front of the camera and pulled her shorts down, exposing a giant butterfly goodnites! I about lost it! She told me that she couldn't stop thinking about what I had told her and about my secret fetish. She said that she found them at Walmart while shopping and was interested in giving a diaper a try!
She had been wearing for a few days and told me she LOVED it! According to her "the cuteness, crinkling, and convenience of a diaper were appealing to her. She was reluctant to wet, but loved the overall feeling.
This was quite shocking and surprising to me, but I wanted to see what others thought of this. Was my friend always a part of the ABDL community or did I help her find something within herself that she never knew about or was too afraid to try?
I think if there weren't such strong taboos in our society against diapers (infantile, bodily waste, the elderly, etc.) we might see more who were casually interested in some of the other aspects (cuteness, a variety of uncommon sensual stimuli, convenience, etc.). It's interesting that your friend decided to give it a try. It's hard to say whether it's based on something deep-seated or if she's just up for new and different things and enjoyed this. I hope it goes well for you both :)
I've managed to spark aLittle curiosity in a friend.
Wow - nice, Trevor nailed it one the head, there are so many taboo's in our society, but what you have is seriously a good friend.
Awesome! That's so great to hear! I'm happy for you :D

I've managed to convince a few friends throughout the years as a DL. Some wore "just for fun", one of my ex's started wearing and developed an interest for them, and I think for one of my friends, I "uncovered" a hidden ABDL fetish that they had all along. It's a great feeling when you have someone who's open enough to try what you love!
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